My Little Personal Jeremy Lin Story

Davis, CA, 7th grade – I was on the school basketball team, and usually played a two guard or small forward. In the 4th quarter of a game that wasn’t close, the coach told me to go in and run point. The other four players on the court, all white, weren’t having it. The coach didn’t intervene.

Enter Jeremy Lin.

Maybe that story doesn’t play out the same way now?

4 thoughts on “My Little Personal Jeremy Lin Story

  1. Different story, doesn’t invalidate yours but points out there’s a few lived experiences out there.

    All through high school I was part of a group that played basketball pretty much every day. On a given play the ball would go from an indian-north kid to a indian-south kid to a filipino kid to a mixed kid to a white kid who was third generation from Poland. None of us thought to object to anyone playing a given position because of their ethnicity or race. None of us were trying to be social change agents. Just kid playing basketball. Our intramural team name, suggested by me was Rainbow Warriors. Ain’t that America, something to see. Jeremy Lin is just the logical outcome of those playground games which to this day are happening all over the country.