A quick look at Lahore

After completing school at the University of North Carolina, Nushmia Khan spent time traveling abroad. In Lahore, Pakistan, the recent grad with a background in multimedia journalism visited family and took over 5,000 photos. She shares some of them in a short film called “Time in Lahore.”

The music is by Basheer & The Pied Pipers. Visit Nushmia.net for more about Khan and her trip to Pakistan (“Leaving Pindi is always hard” and “It’s a man’s world”).

5 thoughts on “A quick look at Lahore

  1. Of all the cities in the world, I’m dying to visit Lahore. So much history! And what boggles my mind is that it’s so close to India and Amrtisar in particular. The two cities must be VERY similar in terms of everything.

    I’m always amazed when I meet or hear about Pakistanis with Hindu or Sikh Punjabi surnames such as Randhawa, Gill, Sethi, Arora, Bhatti, or even Sandhu.

    The overall impression that I get of Pakistan’s is that it has the efficiency of pre-’91 India but with Islamic monochromatic cheer.

  2. Take out the pictures with the Pak flags – the video could have been from in India

    Goes to say – after 60 yrs, these two peoples have so much in common…..

    My personal fav’s were: The pan-wallah, the cloth shop , girl next to truck…

    • “Goes to say – after 60 yrs, these two peoples have so much in common…..”

      Suraj, in what aspects exactly do these two people have so much in common? Could you please list them, because I’m having trouble understanding your vague and fluffy statement. Also, could you list aspects where the two people don’t have so much in common? And then rank those factors/aspects in terms of priority? Thanks much.

    • BTW, if you really think that there’s so much in common after 60 years (does than mean 60 years ago, there wasn’t much commonality?), how willing would you be to move to Lahore and live there, since the people there have so much in common?

      Yeah, thought so. 🙂