Marie Claire interviews Nikki Haley

Haley's senior class photo (c. 1989)

Marie Claire Magazine titles its interview with South Carolina’s governor “Will Nikki Haley Be Our First Female President?” and looks at her tips for personal success and her inspirations. That’s how we get to know she’s totally into Joan Jett. I wonder if she watched The Runaways when it came out in theaters a couple years ago or if she has a vintage collection of Jett LPs.

Here’s some of what she had to say:

FIND WHAT MOTIVATES YOU–ON A DAILY BASIS AND IN LARGER WAYS. Music motivates me. When we have bill signings, we’ve got music playing. I have a great love for Joan Jett. When I am going through the toughest times, I’ll blast her music. She was one of the first female rockers when female rockers weren’t accepted. When no one would sign her, she created her own label. And when she accomplished everything … she walked away! I mean, how cool is that?   FIND DIVERSE ROLE MODELS. Mine are my mother, Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Clinton, Martina Navratilova, Gabby Giffords. And Joan Jett. I tell you, Joan Jett is my idol. I would just love to meet her! (Marie Claire)


One person who is dismayed by Haley’s endorsement of Mit Romney as Republican candidate for president is also disappointed by her choice of role models. Talbert Black, 42, a Libertarian who organized Tea Party support for her in the gubernatorial race, told Bloomberg News “She also included Margaret Thatcher, and Joan Jett, so maybe it was just strong women. But Hillary Clinton?”


Bloomberg also reports Haley’s poll numbers in her state and among Republicans declining post-Romney endorsement. Some people are seeking the recall of the governor they call Trikki Nikki. Could it be that (forgive me) she just doesn’t give a damn about her reputation?


To find out about Haley’s war stories, how she dug up a sexist quote from her opposition and about the time she messed up on TV southern style, read the rest of the Marie Claire interview.

5 thoughts on “Marie Claire interviews Nikki Haley

  1. Could it be that (forgive me) she just doesn’t give a damn about her reputation?

    if mitt romney gets the nomination i think she has a good shot at VP.

    1) woman 2) southerner 3) non-white 4) a less patrician background

    that’s the “balance” a ticket traditionally needs.

    • She’s got a great shot at being VP because she’s Palinesque.

      I wonder if Haley would consider Indira Gandhi as one of her role-models.

      • Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley does not seem to keen on associating herself with things not white. She goes by Nikki Haley which sounds more white, she earlier checked off her race as white on a racial census, she converted from Sikhism to Christianity, she married a white guy. All the women she said she admires are white. Too many actions all together does not paint Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley as a woman who is happy to be non-white, but someone very much doing all she can to whiten herself up. So I doubt any one or anything non-white is going to make the cut.

        • the age old question of names has been covered on this site far too much. the day when a desi comes into political life with the name like Chip or Mitt then i think that debate can be reopened.

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