Listen To Your Mother

The Sh** People Say meme began with a simple Sh** Girls Say, which frankly, I didn’t bother to watch. Then other versions began popping up. I finally clicked play when I saw Sh** Sri Lankan Mothers Say via approximately a bajillion Sri Lankan people who were highly amused:

I will helpfully subtitle this for you.

Amma: Eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat EAT

Translation: I love you

Amma: [In this scenario] you will die; [in that scenario] you will die

Translation: If anything ever happened to you I don’t know what I’d do

Amma: If you wind up in hospital I’m not coming!

Translation: I would be there in a hot minute

The HI magazine is a nice touch. Also, since I saw this on FB, I hereby invent Sri Lankan Social Media Amma. “This one is carrying on with that one with the poking and the friending and that fellow! Have you used the Sri Lankan Foods application? Do you think this Facebook wall is your social media hotel for you to post and go as you please?”

Very good for you. You go! [update: Sh** Sri Lankan Fathers Say after jump]

Update: Appa is coming for you too. From the same team, Sh** Sri Lankan Fathers Say:

5 thoughts on “Listen To Your Mother

  1. I loved this!

    I thought it was missing one line, though:

    “You were so long in there, was it loose? Aiyo, this is why I tell you eat at home only!”

  2. Or the “ok ma/ok aiya you do what you want” you can be sure they aren’t happy with you doing what you want! Btw this isn’t SL only. SI are the same :) . But love that video.