WordPress Migration

We have upgraded our blogging platform from MovableType to WordPress. This means that soon you will be able to see some changes on this site that will improve your experience. While most of the links should automatically be redirected and everything should work seamlessly, some of your bookmarks, rss feeds may not work as is. I regret any inconvenience during this transition and hope you will bear with us and update your links.

Home Page: http://sepiamutiny.com/blog/

RSS Feed: http://sepiamutiny.com/blog/feed/

Please let me know if something appears broken or out of place. Thank you for your continued readership.

8 thoughts on “WordPress Migration

  1. Chaitan: The last news post regarding “American Dreams” last night showed almost 200 hits. Suddenly they became only 16? What gives?? I am also having difficulty in posting more news using the traditional gmail account…..Help…..

    • The news hits didn’t transfer during the transition. I’m working on that.

      I’ve fixed the issue with posting more news. Please try again. And thanks for reporting this issue.

  2. Chaitan: Signing in has become more complex than before. I just posted news story about Wikileaks and Kashmir. Did neither show my name “Yo Dad”, nor the real one. Something is still not fixed….

  3. The width of the page is limited to the size of the browser window on Opera, Chrome, Firefox. This causes the formatting of the screen to go out-of-whack when the width of the page is larger than that the browser window for any reason. No problem on on WIndows Explorer.

  4. This site has basically become unreadable now on the the iphone or any mobile device. Even on a PC if the window is not full screen, the margins are overlapping. Since many people use smartphones, it should be formattted for that also.