Young the Giant Rocks Out @ VMAs

Young the Giant’s lead singer Sameer Gadhia strutted down the catwalk and got the crowd going at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards tonight. The group performed “My Body.” Backstage before the show they talked about being the sole rock act to perform at this year’s award show. Watch their performance below.

Thanks for the tip Pravin Praveen!

Young the Giant canceled performances at Reading and Leeds festivals to make it to the VMAs. Gadhia explained why it was important for them to perform at tonight’s show in Los Angeles.

“We canceled Reading and Leeds [festivals] because of the VMAs,” frontman Gadhia shared. “I mean, we always watched them, ever since we were little … and we’re from Los Angeles, so we figured it would be a great opportunity. Hopefully people in the U.K. will forgive us. I know some people are already annoyed.” (MTV)

11 thoughts on “Young the Giant Rocks Out @ VMAs

  1. Oh man, am I too old for SM now? Because not only did I not watch the VMAs, I have NO CLUE who this band is AND I stopped the video after five seconds because I knew I wasn’t going to like them. hobbles away with cane, grabbing arthritic hip

  2. I watched about 15 minutes of the VMAs and had no clue who most of the performers/presenters/people they show in the audience were (and I’m in my late 20s). I had no idea YTG performed, so thanks for the heads up. I love their music, particularly this song (though the live version isn’t as great as the studio version).

  3. Oh come on guys. I am a geezer by your standards. And I enjoyed the VMAs. I didn’t know about this band either. When I first saw the guy, he reminded me vaguely of Maneesh Patel from Scott Pilgrim and looked the band up. Having said that, compared to the recent boring rock we had to endure from the likes of the humorless Jared Leto ( “I am a rocker not an actor”). and his droning 30 Seconds from Mars music, I found these guys fun to listen to.

    The last really fun VMAs was when Jimmy Fallon hosted. Some of the recent ones were so bad that I actually welcomed Kanye showing up Taylor Swift. And I will go one step further than Aziz, of all those nominees, looking back, Swift’s was the weakest. This one was not bad. NO Chelsea Handler. Major plus tehre. Though we had to endure the Jersey Shore bitches and sex tape celebs more than the singers.

    VMAs should have shown more of Jesse J who was great with the house band. It’s too bad she did not get a showcase segment. Hell, I even sort of liked the Britney tribute on speed. Was a little bored by the whole alcholism is a disease preachiness by Russell Brand, but Bruno Mars stepped up. Chris Brown was good though it was funny to see Jesse J sing No Scrubs right after he left. Why can’t VMAs get Lonely Island guys to take part instead of those reality idiots?

    Also, I thought Lady Gaga’s getup was a shoutout to Annie Lennox looking like Jonathon Rhys Meyers at the 1984 Grammys(OK, I am dating myself here). But then, she looked more like Chris Kattan doing his schtick or maybe even Dustin Hoffman in Midnight Cowboy.

  4. if i went to the Reading and Leeds i would be annoyed. for what the VMA’s?? only thing i remember from them awards was when puffy played with sting, that was it. good luck to them, do what they have to do. but canceling gigs for MTV is just rubbish.

  5. Glad these guys are getting attention – a friend of a friend is the frontman’s cousin – they were also great at Lolla.

  6. I’ve heard “My Body” on the radio a bunch of times and loved the sound of Young the Giant. What surprise that the lead singer is Indian. Very cool and one of our first bona fide rock stars since Freddie Mercury.

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