Anjulie Remodeled

Remember Anjulie? The Guyanese-Canadian who’s 2009 single Boom prompted mutineer Amardeep to state, “I hear shades of Morcheeba and Esthero”? She just dropped a new single this week so I’m sharing for this week’s #MusicMonday (that’s right, I’m bringing it back…!) I can’t help but think she’s been Nikki Minaj-ed. Rihanna-ed. Lady Gaga-fied.

What do you think of the remodel? I gotta say, I was a big fan of “old” Anjulie with the song My Thrill being my favorite. But if her new album is reflective of this single, I dunno, I dunno…

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14 thoughts on “Anjulie Remodeled

  1. This is what happens when you’re not Adele. Adele is so talented that she can get by with just her voice and a chair to sit on, but if you dont have that voice, you need to gimmick yourself to the point where you’re not even a real person.

    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Adele.

      I actually think Anjulie’s earlier tunes had a raunchy Adele likeness. But this. I awno….

  2. earlier songs were well good. Adele is Adele, she is not trying to be anything does not want to be. you know thats a talent, name any song and she would do it justice.

    this song just sounds rubbish.

  3. Awful! I love her previous work. Her voice was very jazzy with the twang of Nelly Furtado. Here, her voice sounds childish and nauseating. Such a shame she messed up a good thing.

  4. Heard of her only because Gold Gym plays one of her videos occasionally on the central monitors. You need to have a massive hit or some kind of catch to get away with generic dance music. She has the looks. BUt she doesn’t have Nicki Minaj’s personality. She needs to get back to her starbucks type music and hope she can parlay that to small club gigs until she is inspired enough to get that one single that can change her career.

    The disparity between her old videos and this new one has nothing on Keri Hilson’s really good Pretty Girl Rock and her way out there sluttastic The Way You Love Me(The uncensored version of that song is even more hilarious. google that. for some reason, it is not on youtube anymore.).

  5. I tried to like it, but it gave me serious Ke¢ha vibes; and I cannot stand Ke¢ha. Ditto Pravin on this one.

  6. I think this single is okay and tolerable. It’s probably good by todays standards. Maybe she needs to be an opening act for Katy Perry, or Britney Spears or someone in that category to expand her audience, test the market. I don’t know…

    Maybe members of the playground crowd are more into this music. I can understand how older people with more refined tastes may not be very impressed by Anjulie.

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  8. @Omar: I think you mean untalented ho meets corporate idiocy

    I can see why this white washed bitch is appealing to dumb desis known as ABCDs.