Navin Weds Navin in NY

heart_20110725024657_18371.jpgYesterday hundreds of gay couples got married in New York as a new law called the Marriage Equality Act went into effect making the state the sixth in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage. Marcus and Freddy got married, Nancy and Yolanda got married, and wearing shorts and dapper bow ties, Navin wed Navin in Manhattan.

The desi couple of Murray Hill, together for six years, was one of 20 newlywed pairs whose portraits appeared in The New York Times. An audio recording of their comments on the joyous occasion published along with their portrait included the statement, “This feels so right to us.”

Aseem Chhabra covered the Navins’ New York nuptials at Rediff news, reporting that the couple held a commitment ceremony in California last month, prior to lining up on Sunday morning to have their marriage officially approved by the state of New York.

15 thoughts on “Navin Weds Navin in NY

  1. Don’t tell my mom, she’ll say “why can’t you be more like Navin, find a nice boy and settle down?”

  2. But without a daughter-in-law, which one gets to feel pressured by the in-laws to be a “proper Indian wife” ?

  3. Am I just thick or are those guys both named Navin? I mean, they are desi, and gay, and love each other, and they have the same name. What are the chances of that!