Is Suzy Singh the Next MasterChef?


Have you seen the Gordon Ramsay-produced cooking show that takes 100 amateur and home chefs and attempts to turn one into a…MasterChef? I watched a few episodes recently and thanks to comments here and stories from the news tab, realized that Chef Suzy must be [Suzy Singh](, a neural engineer from Chicago. Singh, who participated in a brief Q&A posted below, made it into the 100 with a [signature dish]( of Tandoori Cod en Papillote with Chai- and Saffron-infused Couscous, and she’s still a contender for the title of MasterChef on the show’s second US season now that the pool of 100 chefs has been whittled down to fewer than 10.

Singh is interesting to watch on MasterChef because she has skills, brings a real enthusiasm for cooking, and wears her heart on her sleeve, leaving no doubt as to how she’s feeling about her chances, her competition or the judges’ comments at any moment. Her style is also on display in videos which introduce viewers to the world’s largest holy kitchen at the Golden Temple and Kesar Da Dhaba in Amristar, Punjab.

Singh’s cooking inspirations include the Punjabi food that she grew up eating and cooking. It seems her dad is also a special inspiration: “My dad has this passion for cooking and has taught me from the young age of 4 to have integrity in the kitchen by respecting the ingredient, keeping the kitchen clean, and cooking from the heart.” (FOX)

In the Q&A that she did for Sepia Mutiny Singh mentions that she hopes to have her own TV show. Read on to find out more about her.

I’ve read about your avid interest in cooking and how you spent time cooking for hours after work, even after pulling long shifts as a neural engineer. But what made you decide to take that interest on to a reality TV show with an outrageous character like Gordon Ramsey?

I found that I was the happiest in the kitchen. The opportunity to audition presented itself to me in December and it was a very organic process. One of my ultimate goals in life is to have a cooking show of my own, so doing a reality TV show seemed like a natural step to me.  Also who better to learn from than Gordon Ramsey?  He is a true delight and it was an honor learning technique from him.

What has been your favorite challenge so far on MasterChef? Why?

My favorite challenge thus far was definitely the French challenge! French cuisine is the foundation for culinary technique! It was a great way to show off some of my culinary skills. I cooked up a duo of tarts for this challenge; a lemon curd tart in a pate Sucre with a meringue and ganache tart with raspberry and meringue also in a pate Sucre.  Just thinking about it makes me want to go in the kitchen, heat up my oven, and invite friends over for a treat!

Where do you go when you want to eat out? What do you order?

My favorite restaurant is Schwa in Wicker Park. It serves NINE divine courses of a molecular gastronomy meal and it’s BYOB! Even better, the menu changes seasonally so it’s always different, but always delicious!

What are your hopes and dreams for your career after MasterChef? Will you ever open a restaurant?

My dream is have my own cooking show that teaches people how to cook. I believe that eventually I will have my own restaurant but before actually opening one, I would like a television show, book deal, and create culinary appliances that use the theme “smart cooking.”

5 thoughts on “Is Suzy Singh the Next MasterChef?

  1. I tried to watch MasterChef last year, but the production and editing was so awful as to make it unwatchable. Quick rapid cuts that come straight out of the Michael Bay school of film. A pounding, relentless background music that makes it damn near impossible to hear anything being said. Then there are the numerous commercial interruptions, which can be avoided by recording it and watching it later, but I could not get too invested in the show to take that step. Which is too bad – cause many of the contestants are quite interesting and have intriguing back-stories. Last year also featured an Indian contestant – Sheetal Bhagat. Although she did not win, she did go very far.

  2. Congratulations Suzie Singh on getting this far and good luck with the rest of the show. On a related topic, Aarti Sequiera is on her third season at the Food Network.

  3. I like Suzy Singh on Masterchef, she is very intelligent and smart. She knows to cook all kinds of dishes and is never afraid to face a challenge. I wish her all the best for her own TV show and to open her own Restaurant.

  4. I wish Suzy Singh the very best. She is very smart and a intelligent person. She will go very far with her skills in the kitchen. I wish Suze all the power to open her own Restaurant and to have her own TV show.