Chaal with Baraat

red baraat.jpgGet up. Get up out of your office chair. Ready? Now get ready to move your butt and shock your cubicle mate. Today’s #MusicMonday comes from Red Baraat and I double dare you to listen to this song without dancing. it’s impossible. And it’s free to download!

This song is just one of many live tracks on an EP the band is dropping very very soon. I’m a big fan of Red Baraat and interviewed Sonny and Sunny after the release of their first album. I’ve never seen them perform before and am itching for them to come tour out to the West Coast. After watching this clip, it’s hard not to want to see them.

Folks in Louisiana,Texas and Canada though are in luck – the band starts their summer tours next month, traversing the dirty South and Canada, aye. Check out their site for the latest tour dates and be sure to visit their bandcamp for the release of their latest live EP.

Baile, baile!

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2 thoughts on “Chaal with Baraat

  1. thanks for pointing this out! this is one of the first musicmonday tracks that i’ve listened to all the way through and it’s pretty great. basic and consistent. 🙂