Brimful of Music from Cornershop

Guess who is back? Cornershop. And this time they are back with a brimful of music for today’s #MusicMonday.

The song above is United Provinces of India (hmm, India’s anthem in light of the cricket win?) and is my favorite out of their latest. A couple of weeks ago, Cornershop released their 8th album Cornershop and the Double “O” Groove Of. Six years in the making, the album came together when the band met unrecorded Punjabi singer Bubbly Kaur. They were inspired. Her voice lilts through the entire album, acting as a consistent thread in an eclectic mix of music. This album maintains the unique Cornershop Brit-pop flavor and has pushed the envelope on redefining the ‘fusion’ genre while keeping it fresh and new. You can get the album now directly from the band’s online store right here.

Interested in a free download off of their latest album? Check out the link below!

It’s a comeback for Cornershop – for people that have heard their recent songs, what do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Brimful of Music from Cornershop

  1. it’s pretty typical Cornershop, I think. I like most of their music, but it always feels like they’re just warming up to something bigger, and then – whoops! the song’s over. This one’s pretty much like that.

    Cute though!

  2. its cool till bubbley sings, then i cringed. She cant enunciate-pangra paandey ? really. lame lyrics. Without the singer, fun song.

  3. Cornershop has not lived up to the promise of the first cd. There has been little growth in the last decade. I prefer Fatboy Slim’s version of Brimful of Asha to Cornershop’s. Fatboy Slim’s version shows what could be done with Cornershop’s music. Cornershop would be better off working with talented producers that could bring fresh sounds to their music.