Tweeting Sri Lanka v. New Zealand

Who’s down for a little live-tweeting of the rest of the World Cup? If you’d like to participate, you can use ANY of the following hashtags: #cwc, #iccwc2011, #cricket, #worldcup, #cwc2011; AND the following: #sm

Your tweets will show up here:

PS: Let me know if you want additional hashtags.

6 thoughts on “Tweeting Sri Lanka v. New Zealand

  1. Bring it, Vivek! I’m Kiwi first, Brown second … yes, all right, you probably will beat us … and I’ll probably go to bed by the start of the second innings, but still – GO BLACK CAPS!

  2. Sonal, no chance of Kiwis beating the Lankans. The black caps just don’t have the ammo. The only thing Kiwis do better than Lankans is fielding and while catches win matches it won’t win Kiwis this mismatch. There will be 22 brown players in the final and all Kiwis will get is a “well done boys” pat.

  3. Yeah, this would be good to do for the Ind-Pak match as well.

    @Vivek, I don’t think SL’s performance so far in this WC has been up to their potential. IMO, they were out-blundered by both Eng (3 dropped catches from SL and listless bowling against a batting order too weak to capitalize) and NZ (vulnerable batting on part of SL). The one match they played against quality opposition so far (Pak, in the league stages), they lost. I just hope they pick up their game for the finals—for a team with Murali, Malinga, Mendis, Sangakkara, Dilshan, and co. I have high expectations!

  4. Did Manmohan Singh and Yousuf Raza Gilani sit next to each other the entire match? Must have been tense. No fist-pumping allowed.