Still Counting. Will It Be Kamala?

Kamala_Harris Oakland City Hall.jpgIt has been 15 days since Election Day and in California, we are still waiting to hear about who the next Attorney General for California is. Will it be Democratic (Desi) contender Kamala Harris or the Republican Steve Cooley?

Harris has 4,203,346 votes to Cooley’s 4,172,616, or 46 percent versus 45.6 percent, according to figures released by the Secretary of State’s Office.

Harris, a Democrat, held a 29,738-vote lead entering Wednesday’s count of vote-by-mail, provisional and damaged ballots.[nbcla]

It’s surprising to me that for a race of this size, it is literally coming down to 50%+1 votes. The difference is only 29,738 votes right now. It must be excruciating to be either one of them right now, just waiting in limbo for the votes to be recounted and recounted.

…[T]he number of uncounted ballots [is] 671,594 — 249,002 vote-by-mail ballots, 378,854 provisional ballots and 43,738 that are either damaged, could not be machine- read and need to be remade and ballots diverted by optical scanners for further review, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.[nbcla]

It looks like discrepancies in the counting of votes in LA County are leading up to tense moments between the two campaigns. Both parties are recruiting volunteers to monitor the counting process at Registrar of Voters offices all across the state. We should know by November 30th at the latest on who the winner is. Let this be a lesson to us all – every vote really does count. As well as vote-by-mail and provisional ballots. At least, in the state of California.

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22 thoughts on “Still Counting. Will It Be Kamala?

  1. It’s pretty much over for Cooley. Whenever Republicans start screaming “vote fraud” and try to disenfranchise voters in unfriendly areas, it’s a sign of a campaign in its last throes.

  2. I voted for Harris, in part because Cooley was so anti-prop-19 in the campaign, and I’m turned off by the tough-cop rhetoric.

    While I don’t watch much TV, I have to say the airwaves seemed flooded with Cooley ads in the days before the election, whereas I rarely saw a Harris ad. I live in LA, where she is said to have a solid base, and perhaps she took that a bit for granted, by not advertising so much here.

  3. “Whenever Republicans start screaming “vote fraud” and try to disenfranchise voters in unfriendly areas, it’s a sign of a campaign in its last throes.”

    Yes, dem electoral fraud is off-limits. Robert Caro never documented LBJ stealing his senate seat. Boss Tweed and Rchard Daly never existed. Hillary in Nevada against Obama. Nothing to see there, keep moving. Also, Jim Crow.

  4. I have a question for Taz, does Kamala Harris ever talk about her African American and South Asian heritage in interviews? I wouldn’t of known Harris was part South Asian, her skin looks extremely pale in the photograph. Also, I have another question, what does the term Desi mean?

  5. orville,

    Desh means country. Desi or deshi means “person/native/citizen of the country.”

    Desh is metonymic for South Asia, so desi/deshi is native of South Asia.

    • Or I should say, Desh has BECOME metonymic for South Asia for non-natives of South Asian origin.

  6. Orville,

    Desi is very popular among abcd’s, converts (muslims and christians), anglophiles, mughalophiles, and uncle toms in the “Indian” community. For a regular Indian, “desi” sounds as foreign as “latino” would to a cherokee or an aztec. The converts and the convert-wannabes like the term because it carries only a cultural connotation (cuisine, dialect, etc) and not a civilizational connotation (Hindu Gods, Vedanta). Needless to say, India retains a thriving pre-monotheistic and pre-colonial culture which the converts and convert wannabe would like to ignore if not demonize and erase. The natives in north america and the imported africans are way beyond the stage of having their own genuine civilization and are really grasping only after the fake identities imposed by the monotheists. It’s really sad but that is the truth.. Read this message and save it because it may get deleted by the convert wannabes.. Peace

  7. San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris is stretching out her lead over Republican rival Steve Cooley:

    Kamala Harris leads Cooley by 42,000 votes with just about 305,000 uncounted ballots remaining. So far, she has received 46 percent of the vote to cooley’s 45.5 percent.

    Harris’s campaign spokesman says Cooley would need to win the statewide pool of remaining votes by nearly 14 percent to overcome his deficit.

    Officials say most of the remaining votes are provisional ballots which have to be verified before being counted

  8. Um, hopefully it won’t be someone who opposes the death penalty for cop killers. And I don’t care if she is desi or not.

  9. “Um, hopefully it won’t be someone who opposes the death penalty for cop killers”

    True. Opposing the death penalty for cop killers is stupid. You should oppose for everyone. After all, if the person turns out to be innocent, you can’t correct the situation (insert Kamala Harris–Hinduism–reincarnation joke).

  10. In Telugu, Desam is country. So Desi is just fine by me instead of the northie Deshi.

  11. In Telugu, Desam is country. So Desi is just fine by me instead of the northie Deshi.

    There are parts of Andhra where they pronounce it “Desham.”

    They also pronounce “dosa” as “dosha.”

    I suspect it’s a bit of Hindi-fication of the language. Even in the remote villages the soap operas have disseminated a working knowledge of Hindi. Though it offends the ears, I fear it may be here to stay.

  12. How come self-described desi Nikki Haley’s isn’t getting any coverage? Are you kids going to wait until she delivers SC to mama bear ?

  13. @Orivlle: I thought I had seen an interview where she discussed her heritage but now I all I can find are descriptions by reporters. It’s interesting to see how she is sometimes described as only South Asian or only African American and sometimes both. Look forward to seeing her make more headlines regardless.