8 thoughts on “From the mind of…

  1. Will check the video out now; have always been a huge fan.

    But I have noticed that with very artistic creative people; their minds work on such an elevated level that they lose understanding of the mainstream and sometimes their critics.

    You can offend your critics if you please your audience (Avatar) and vice versa. Also early success sometimes mean that people are no longer receptive to external influence (I’ve seen this personally in the creative space).

  2. When I saw the trailer for Devil in a theater, everyone groaned when the “From the mind of M. Night Shyamalan” graphic came up.

  3. Funny thing about that though – The Last Airbender has grossed 300M USD. Wow, another success for Shyamalan it would seem. There may even be a sequel – which he directs – horror of horrors!