High School Guest Bloggers: Radhika and Andrew

It is never too young to begin to mutiny. Today I would like to introduce SM readers to two graduating high school seniors who are going to be guest blogging here for just the next two weeks (because school starts soon!). Here are their bios in their own words [with additions by me]

Radhika is an 18 year-old high school graduate from Houston, TX about to start at American University in Washington, DC. She is an aspiring double major in Journalism & another subject that will make her thoroughly unemployable, she also plans on saving the world [to me this means she's on the five year track]. She is currently completing a 2 month internship with Sewa International Houston, a nonprofit organization that seeks to empower refugees & low-income communities. Radhika enjoys dorm shopping [I miss dorm shopping] , fighting injustice, and traveling. You can contact her/criticize her/crush her self-esteem at radram at gmail dot com [be nice people].

Andrew is a student at The Ohio State University [forgive him, please], studying to be a doctor (apparently like everyone else in his family). Having grown up in the not-so-diverse Midwest, it is only recently that he has rediscovered his roots and has been overwhelmingly drawn to the enigma of South Asia. He hopes to become more involved with Desi American and Asian American organizations, whether it be a Bollywood dancing troupe [we will provide a Youtube clip after he dances] or activism for Asian American media representation.

Readers please be gentle. These are young minds. Only with proper encouragement will they mutiny right.

26 thoughts on “High School Guest Bloggers: Radhika and Andrew

  1. Radhika and Andrew, A warm welcome to the bunker! I look forward to both of your posts, and Radhika, I miss dorm shopping too… If you’re wondering where all our bananas went, I think Abhi ate them.

  2. Hey Abhi/everybody, Thanks so much for the intro & thanks for welcoming me to the mutiny! I hope you don’t mind me making a few corrections to my contact info. radram0 at gmail dot com, if you please. And I just finished up my internship a week ago. That’s all! :)


  3. Same sentiments as Radhika, thank you for this great opportunity! But what’s so bad about Ohio State? :(

  4. what a coincidence. I happen to know a pre-med desi guy. his name is Kumar. perhaps andrew knows him too.

  5. it is only recently that he has rediscovered his roots

    is that why your curry sucks, man?

  6. Radhika and Andrew: Welcome. Oh please,please dazzle us with your fresh ideas and radical opinions. You may even push us over the hill;)I used to be teenager once. When I was seventeen —- It was a very good year…It’s been a while though.Welcome.

  7. Radhika – welcome! Looking forward to reading what you have to share!

    Andrew – welcome to SM, and welcome to the world of being an Ohio State Buckeye. Greatness has to have its drawbacks ;) All you have to do is remind those from the state up north of the last, what is it Abhi, six years? Soon to be seven.

  8. welcome. cant wait to read your posts. I feel old now. time to get back to work like the old fart I am.

  9. One question: How are Radhika and Andrew “Guest Bloggers” when both are in or about to start college?

  10. Golden: We still got some time on our hands. We love the mutiny, too. ;)

    @everyone: Thank you all so much for the warm welcome!

  11. @amaun: haha whoops forgot about that… & @Rukku: Thanks, and it’s good to have some fellow buckeyes around here

  12. i am honestly really really jellz. you lied, Abhi! You said that one need be in high school to apply. These ADULTS have clearly graduated. I am obviously no longer brown, rather green. I just wish I knew.

  13. Welcome tweeny bloggers. Hope you can teach us old fogeys (once Generation X) a thing or 2.

  14. [forgive him, please]

    What’s wrong with Ohio State??

    I’m proud of you, Andrew! -your loving sister :)