The Manchurian Gobi Candidate

There is so much to love about Senator Knott’s recent ode to ragheads in America. I mean this seriously.

I adore how he’s open about this feelings for “f#!king ragheads.” This guy is a Southern Conservative straight out central casting, he’s racist, bigoted, xenophobic and stupid although not uninformed. He actually knows who Sikhs are and where India is, that just doesn’t stop him from saying “We’re at war over there,” demonstrating he’s not a bigot because he’s ignorant, he’s ignorant because he’s a bigot. This can’t be cured by education. All ragheads are the same to him, and before the non-Sikh readers get too smug, he probably hates you as well.

But all of this is just the sundae. The cherry on top, my absolute favorite part is this:

Knotts says he believed Haley has been set up by a network of Sikhs and was programmed to run for governor of South Carolina by outside influences in foreign countries. [link]

ZOMG! She’s the Manchurian Candidate, the sleeper Sikh!

What I can’t figure out is what he’s so afraid she’s do once she’s activated. After all, the original Manchurian Candidate tried to whack the POTUS, and something tells me you wouldn’t be unhappy about that at all.

What will she do that would make you unhappy? Will her father attend her inauguration in a turban? Will she take down the confederate flag and replace it with the Indian one? Will she start teaching evolution in schools? Will she refuse to be sworn in with her hand over the bible and hold an ardaas instead?

Or maybe … she’ll invite DJ Rekha to the Governor’s mansion to play … Bhangra! Whoops, sorry Senator, the Raghead-in-Chief has already done that in the White House, the nations’ political bhangra-virginity has already been lost:

“I want to thank DJ Rekha who’s been spinning a little East Room Bhangra for everybody mixing a hip-hop beat with the sounds of her heritage; making a uniquely American sound that may not have been heard in the White House before,” Obama said amidst laughter and applause. [link]

Although, maybe you do have a point. That first Bhangra in an executive residence was soo good, that we want to do it again and again, promiscuously, with different executive residences, in all fifty states around the country! Next stop, Louisiana, where Piyush is going to Bhangra the BP blues away!

Sorry Senator, you lost the civil war and you’re going to lose the culture war too. In fact, your raghead comment just caused the former county GOP chair to declare her 2012 challenge to you [link]. But thank you for playing, and thanks for all the laughs!

10 thoughts on “The Manchurian Gobi Candidate

  1. This attack is a blatant smokescreen incepted by the cabal of Muslims who already run SC. Obvious!! You’ve seen their flag, haven’t you?!

  2. My all-time favorite smear within the Manchurian meme came form the Clinton’s southern strategy against my man Bam. Before Iowa, former democratic senator and Clinton supporter Bob Kerrey was going around saying stuff like this:

    “There is a smear campaign going on. And people are acting as if he’s an Islamic Manchurian candidate.” “There’s this nonsense out there about him being a Muslim Manchurian candidate. He should do a commercial, look the camera straight in the eye, and say, ‘My wife Michelle and I are Christians, but my father was a Muslim and my paternal grandfather was a Muslim, and that fact and my name means I can speak to a billion people around the world…”

    The beauty of smear was the plausible denial, he’s actually complimenting Obama, we are to believe. Indeed the candidate herself went ahead and said: “I know Bob. He was being very complimentary of Sen. Obama,” said Clinton.

    But Ari Gelber, writing in the Nation, found the smoking gun. Referring to phrase “Muslim Manchurian candidate” he wrote:

    That phrase only turns up 29 hits on Google, however, and nine of the references quote Kerrey. So very few “people are acting” or saying that – unless they’re discussing Kerrey’s sly effort to raise the line of attack
  3. All ragheads are the same to him, and before the non-Sikh readers get too smug, he probably hates you as well.

    Subodh Chandra’s experience comes to mind

    The bar was emptying of Democrats gathered for drinks in Columbus on a cold winter night. Inside was Jennifer Garrison, fresh off her first year in office as the state representative for Ohio’s 93rd District in southeast Ohio. Blonde, thin, attractive (Marietta’s very own Sarah Palin), she got the attention of a short Indian American named Subodh Chandra running for Ohio Attorney General in the coming 2006 primary. It’s a less rare sight these days, a small brown man with Indian roots seeking office. But apparently rare enough. Chandra approached Garrison, having recently given a rip-roaring, well received speech to a crowd in Garrison’s mostly rural district, while Garrison watched. That night in the bar, Chandra asked Garrison for her endorsement in his primary against future Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann. Garrison looked Chandra up and down, then said, “No one I know would ever vote for someone who looks like you.” Then she walked away.

  4. Oh, now a new term for brownies like me – raghead (to go along with sandn****er, hajee, paki, macacaca, whatever…) In my community, (South Indian Telugu Smartha, etc…) the women don’t cover their heads with cloth, caps, turbans, do rags, whatever, even in the Mandal/Temple. Maybe an exception if they work the rice fields or play in a baseball field, it’ s customary to have some head protection from the sun, etc. In the south Indian version of a temple wedding, the groom might wear a turban, but that is the only time I’ve ever seen a south Indian guy wear a turban. I have seen some devout North Indian ladies cover their hair in a temple or in the presence of a priest/swami etc for modesty. I wonder if that was an Islamic influence because we southies don’t have that tradition.

    Haley comes out stronger as a result of this controversy. I don’t necessarily like her party affiliation, but she is the winner here. The old fart who is scared of ragheads fails.

  5. The beauty of smear was the plausible denial…

    Manju’s daily, “I don’t know where my off stump is moment” Yeah that’s right when Colin Powell endorsed Obama (smashing the GOPer chicken hawks to dust for good) and said “so what if he is Muslim?” he was channelling Bob Kerry. Wow, Joe the Plumber missed that – he was supposed to get riled up about it – about those d*** Eye-rabs and not think Establishment Clause.

    Manju why don’t you hold cue cards next time for the DINOs and GOPers


  6. Yeah that’s right when Colin Powell endorsed Obama (smashing the GOPer chicken hawks to dust for good) and said “so what if he is Muslim?” he was channeling Bob Kerry

    The moment of truth for jyotsana. The man so quick to play the race traitor card on Nikki and Bobby, when presented with Massa Clinton’s southern strategy, drops to his knees like Monica in hopes of staying on the liberal plantation.

    Of course, Powell made his wonderful statement at time when the smears were well known and while endorsing Bam, so they served no sinister interest. Kerrey was endorsing Clinton at the time, and when he mentioned “Islamic Manchurian candidate,” he was the only person of note mentioning it,as only 29 hits on google appeared at the time, 9 of them referenicing him. And mention it he did. Before crucial early primacies he repeatedly mentioned “Muslim,” “madrassa,” and “Hussein”, even alleging Obama attended a “secular maddrassa.” right b/f iowa he said; “It’s probably not something that appeals to him, but I like the fact that his name is Barack Hussein Obama, and that his father was a Muslim and that his paternal grandmother is a Muslim.“

    Context matters, Jyotsana. When people mention his middle name now, it often OK. But during the election it was a smear designed to scare aware the Dixiecrats, ie Hillary’s “hard working white Americans.” Ergo, Powell mentioning “Muslim” is fine. Kerrey was dong it was Willie Horton redux. For more context, according to the nation, he “the fourth Clinton supporter this month to raise a false smear against Barack Obama.” According to TPM, Hillary Campaign Acknowledges That County Chair Backing Hillary Passed Along Obama Muslim Smear Email.” Anthor Clinton supporter , Billy Shahenn, raised the racially coded issue of Obama dealaing drugs, in similar fashion to Kerreys. A recent book revealed that clintonapplauded this, as he did kerrey’s remarks, 3 clinton staffes were fired for spreading the madrassa rumor.

    And after losing Iowas, what issue did the campaign raise.: “Hillary Hits Obama For Opposing Harsher Prison Sentences.” Youi’ve read kevin Phillpis. You tell me what that means.

    and were only on iowa…

  7. I sent the following letter to this idiot. In retrospect, I should have waited till I had calmed down, so that the letter wouldn’t have had so many stylistic problems. In any case, if you want to express your disgust, you can do so at

    I am skipping with the polite salutations, because I do not think you are worthy of them.

    I believe you called an Indian woman a raghead? I thought that kind of racial prejudice and backward attitudes went out when the lynchings stopped. I guess I was wrong. You are a racist. Plain and simple. Trying to explain it away as something that was said in “jest” makes you look even more racist.

    What is the matter with you? Are you so afraid of dark-skinned people?