Our Sepia Mutiny admin team needs extra help

Our website administrators Chaitan and Kunjan need some extra help improving the functionality and features here on Sepia Mutiny. We are looking to add two highly skilled volunteer developers to our team. If you are a developer who is also an avid reader and wishes that we had this, that, or the other feature on our website, please email us. Sepia Mutiny has always attempted to keep up with the cutting edge in terms of blog readability, usability, and aesthetics. Joining us will also give you a chance to show off your skills on a website that gets a lot of traffic.

These are the basic coding skills you should have:

Required: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Preferred: Linux (CentOS), Apache, MySql, Perl

Bonus points: Git or SVN


p>MOST IMPORTANT PRE-REQUISITE: Time. If you don’t have at least 8-10 hours a week to spend improving SM, please don’t apply to this. Being a part of SM is a significant (but rewarding) commitment. All the bloggers here see this as a labor of love and carve out time to put their effort into this. You should have the same type of commitment in mind.

Please use our contact form to apply. Thanks in advance.

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