KKHH goes to the dogs

I saw Kuch Kuch Hota Hai with my family at the historic Raj Mandir theater in Jaipur, India back in the winter of 1998. I generally dislike what Bollywood has to offer but it was really hard to dislike that film. Good music, feel-good plot, fresh samosas at intermission. But Bollywood just can’t help but copy a movie already made. It even copies itself. Karan Johar decided he wanted to remake KKHH almost exactly like the original…but with animated dogs in the lead roles.

This one is called Koochie Koochie Hota Hai. So what do you think 30-something desi parents? Is this destined to become part of the collection of movies you use to distract your kids with? If I ever see this playing in the back seat of an SUV on the road I fully reserve the right to roll my eyes derisively.

18 thoughts on “KKHH goes to the dogs

  1. Just when you thought Bollywood couldn’t think of any more ways to shamelessly hijack American culture and slap a shoddy little “Made in India” sticker on it.

    Seriously, it’s a study in a fully internalized cultural inferiority complex. Fuck Bollywood.

  2. omg this looks terrible…

    and the commenter above seems to have had a bad day/life

  3. I grew up with KKHH, and over time it’s remained one of my favorite Bollywood products. This remake makes me sad. I loathe bastardizations of good films, and this is clearly bound to be one of them. :(

  4. What is the point watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai WITHOUT SRK seducing you to fall in love with his charm, Kajol’s wonderful spunk and their one of a kind on screen chemistry?

    I think its a good idea for Bollywood to venture into different types of films and supposedly “western” medias (i.e. cartoons in this case.) But really- Bollywood cartoons should add something distictive/have their own flair than a simple imitation of stuff that already exists. For example look what the Japanese did to the idea of American Cartoons. Cultural borrowing is normal and happens. Pizza went from Italy to Dominos, Spring Rolls now sometimes have paneer, and street side bangles sell at Forever 21 for 7$ a pop….So Bollywood using cartoons isn’t the blasphemy here- its the remaking of a timeless cutesy classic…

  5. Abhi: The original movie we saw back in 1998 is your mom’s one of the favorite movie which she may have seen dozens of time by now, besides Devdas (new), and “Dil de Chuke Sanaam”. Me? I don’t like SRK as an actor. He is good at crying and laughing at the same time. That’s all. That theater you mrntioned was the largest theater in Asia – then. I am sure there is one in China which may be the largest in the world. As for this cartoon it’s pathetic at best. No, I would not have tortured you guys in the back of my SUV – if you were growing up today. I remember waaaay back in 50s and 60s Bollywood produced some memorable songs with haunting melodies and evergreen songs. They don’t make movies like that anymore. Shame!!

  6. I don’t know which is more pathetic – that someone actually thought of this or that they couldn’t get Salman Khan on board.

  7. I saw a portion of the movie long time ago while somoene was watching a video. I couldn’t get into it. Then again, I am an unabashed Bollywood hater. So i do not see how this animated version can make it worse.

  8. What about being a Psycho? Anjaam or Darr

    Definitely. He actually did Don some justice.

    Regarding Bollywood- serious innovation is desperately needed. And I don’t mean more skin, more “exotic” (re: Miami) locales, or more music. Cultural crossover is one thing- cheap, routine plagiarizing is another.

  9. SRI is fugly. I’m a gay man and have never found him attractive. Rather than promoting lead toxic skin cream lightners, he could go to Tehran and have some rhinoplasty done.

    I find this remake cute. Bollywood is commercial, not the home of fine art and world class cinema; so I’m not surprised. During the 1980s and 1990s, the Chinese government patronized Fifth Generation cinema which produced world class cinema both loved by Chinese audiences and Western critics. When I want fantasy, Bollywood will suffice. When I want quality cinema from Asia, I look to Iran and China.

  10. Marketing genius! And after seeing what’s out there for the filler entertainment for kids, it’s not really that bad a crime against cinema. What better way to escape the ravages of time for aging stars too?

  11. “I think its a good idea for Bollywood to venture into different types of films and supposedly “western” medias (i.e. cartoons in this case.)”

    This is not Bollywood “venturing” into cartoons– there is already a feature-length Bollywood cartoon that came out in 2005– “Hanuman” as well as a sequal “Hanuman Returns” in 2007.



  12. I personally think it is great that Bollywood is willing to experiment. There are lot of great and experimental movies coming out from Bollywood these days. And for all SRK, Karan Johar bashers, his movies rake lot more money abroad than in India. So before criticizing film makers, South Asians in US should look at themselves who endorse or watch such movies instead of good Bollywood cinema.

  13. Is it me, or are Indian movies morphing into 4-hour long episodes of Saved By The Bell?

  14. Karan Johar decided he wanted to remake KKHH almost exactly like the original…but with animated dogs in the lead roles.

    I keep waiting for someone to tell me this is an April Fools’ joke….

    Why? Dear god, why?

  15. LMAO I was wondering why Salman Khan disappeared too. I don’t think this is an awful idea. It’s for children. My future children might never appreciate my favorite Bwood movies from the 90s. But they can appreciate it if they see it in their own context. It’s sad to admit, but when DJ Suketu remixes songs from the 70s and 80s and then I listen to the original version…I understand what my parents are talking about when they miss their generations music. Without DJ Suketu, I might never listen to “Meri Nazar Mein Tu Hai” or “Bin Tere Sanam”. Same idea with this movie, IMO.

  16. I hated that movie… sexist tripe. SRK falls for the sexy Rani ignoring the tomboyish Kajol. It’s only when Kajol is domesticated and turned into another typical Hindi heroine… long hair, flowing sarees and full makeup that SRK notices her, and with Rani conveniently dead can now have his cake and eat it too. And why would Kajol be pining for him for 10 odd years? Blech. My girls will NOT be watching this.