Los Angeles Winter SM Meetup – Dec 20th

Dosa.jpgIt’s winter here in Los Angeles. My umbrella had to be dusted off for the few days of rain, a hoodie was pulled out for the 50 degree cold weather, and Christmas lights are wrapped up around the tall palm trees all across the Southland. Truly winter-time in Southern California.

I think it’s the perfect weather for a Sepia Mutiny meetup.

This will be a special one – Abhi has decided to unlock the ball and chain to one of our fantastic webmasters to join us for his first meetup in five years. Rajni the monkey has gone wild in anticipation. Webmaster extraordinaire Kunjan will be joining us for the meetup.

Date: SUNDAY, December 20th, 2009

Time: 4pm – 7pm

Place: Annapurna Cuisine in Culver City (open to suggestions)

If you can make it, please RSVP in the comments. We can hold it somewhere else if anyone has a better suggestion – I would have preferred something on the east side, but Anupurna was the only one I could thing of right now. It’s been too long – meetups are open to bloggers, lurkers, or just friends of sepia mutineers. Please come!

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Taz is an activist, organizer and writer based in California. She is the founder of South Asian American Voting Youth (SAAVY), curates MutinousMindState.tumblr.com and blogs at TazzyStar.blogspot.com. Follow her at twitter.com/tazzystar

16 thoughts on “Los Angeles Winter SM Meetup – Dec 20th

  1. I’m down. Sounds interesting, I’ve never been to a SM event before.

    As far as a venue goes, Samosa House might be good option as well – http://www.samosahouse.net Also Little India in Artesia has many good options, especially – “India Restaurant”.

  2. Gah, Taz, You were not supposed to let everyone know Abhi keeps us admins tied up…!

    Freedom from the bunker for a few hours though… Totally cant wait!

  3. A couple of months, I visited the strip mall that Anapurna is in, and I noticed it was shut down by the county health department.

    Be careful, you guys!

  4. That’s the one – I think I say mention “culver city” in my post – I wouldn’t suggest artesia – it’s too far… Please come!

  5. ugh i’ll be in the desh this december….its exam time :(. I hope u guys will have a summer one 🙂

  6. hello…since i am poor thirld world african…dont urll wanna sponser me to come to amrika…i always wanted to come for a meetup but i dont live there…please with a cherry on the top 🙂