Let’s All Be Fair and Kind

A little bit of morning music Monday for your listening pleasure to lull you out of Thanksgiving/Eid stupor (h/t rockistani). Music courtesy of the band Fair and Kind.

Who is this dreamy music that we’re listening to?

During summer 2008, Arthi Meera went on a national tour as singer and keyboardist with the band 1997 (Victory Records). During an 11-week tour, Arthi and the band did 35 shows in 24 states, spanning the continental United States from Washington to California to Florida to New York.



And in October 2008, Fair and Kind–the duo of Arthi and her brother, Anand Subramanian–released its debut CD, A Little Past Twilight. Arthi’s voice is clean and pure with zero vibrato. Anand’s voice is reminiscent of that of Dan Haseltine of Jars of Clay, and the two siblings’ voices complement each other beautifully. [fairandkind]

There’s also a cute story with how they came up with the name for the band…

In the American TV show The Office, there’s an episode where Kelly invites the office staff to a Divali function. Michael Scott thinks it’s like Halloween, so his girlfriend wears a cheerleading costume. Kelly’s parents ask Michael whether she is his wife, and he says not yet. Then Kelly’s father says, “She’s very fair.” And Michael says, “Yeah, she’s very fair. And kind.” [fairandkind]

Seems like they are also giving away a free song a month off of their website. Fair and Kind can now be found on Pandora and will be featured in the independent film “Raspberry Magic“. You can also follow Arthi Meera in her solo project at her myspace page. I’m really digging their chill vibe and will be using it as background music while I write, for sure. What do you think of their sound?

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  1. Nice find! You hit it on the head, this type of sound is perfect to transition out of Thanksgiving and into the strange blend of joy and melancholy that December tends to bring (well, it does for me, anyway). Thanks for the tip.