Music Monday Mashup: Hindustani Gangster

Mashups seem the best way show flattery for artists these days. In this case flattery is directed towards Mr. Jay-Z.

Inspired by Indian cinema of the 70’s and Jay-Z’s critically acclaimed concept album, “American Gangster,” “Hindustani Gangster” tells the passionate tale of a Mumbai hustler’s sordid lifestyle.[hg]

The mashup, released by the folks at Music Without Borders, dropped online on Oct 17th for Diwali. I’m not sure what else Music Without Borders has actually done – their profile seems rather bare, but you can follow them on twitter.

You can listen to the entire Hindustani Gangster online and download it for free off their site. Personally, I’m a much bigger fan of Madlib’s Beat Konducta sounds and think this album was a little too grimey for my liking. But i know a few of our readers have enjoyed Hindustani Gangster so I’m passing it forward on to the mutiny. What do you think of this mashup?

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10 thoughts on “Music Monday Mashup: Hindustani Gangster

  1. Yes, I agree! Jay Z has lyrical flow. I totally love this link so much, already shared with like 4 friends! Who all downloaded it too. Thanks taz! 🙂

    • I agree! “I Know” is one of my favs too. I read somewhere that Music Without Borders’ homie named Elektro4 did that remix for them. solid album throughout though for sure.

  2. mash-ups (especially a Jay Record) will never surpass the Grey Album, in tunes concept, cover art the lot. Jay\s Flow is great as ever, However, i have been listening to this all weekend.

  3. What are everyone’s favorite tracks so far?

    Mine are “American Gangster”, “Ignorant S*&t” and “I Know”!

  4. A little late to the party, but there’s some good tracks, “Success” being one of them. It wont beat Mick Boogie’s Brooklyn Soul but its enjoyable.

  5. I have with me an album from 1998 called BOMBAY THE HARD WAY. GUNS, CARS AND SITARS (Motel Records, NYC) that has has remixed/sampled/mashup etc by Dan The Automator and produced by Adrian Milan from music composed by Kalyanji Anandji.

    It is cooler and more kitsch that Hindustani Gangster. Jay-Z has jumped on the bandwagon now. They have been doing this stuff on the Asian Underground scene in the U.K. for yonks. Still Hindustani Gangster is different and and easy. Drive time listening.

    Tchuss, Sapna

  6. I have with me an album from 1998 called BOMBAY THE HARD WAY (Motel Records, NYC).

    Mashups and what-have-you by Dan The Automator and produced by Adrian Milan from music by Kalyanji Anandji. Way cooler and more kitsch. This kind of stuff has been going on the U.K. on the Asian Underground scene for yonks.

    Still Hindustani Gangster is easy, drive time listening. Not bad.

    Tschuss, Sapna