More Naseeruddin to Love and Admire

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Due to popular demand I’ve got three more segments of the MTV Iggy interview with Naseeruddin Shah. Looking back, I can’t believe we asked some of these questions. He continued to be gracious, thoughtful, and startlingly candid:


What’s the difference between theater and film? Legendary Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah explains to us why the two should be starkly delineated. “I can’t understand why they remake movies as plays — and then do them exactly like movies!” he says, referring those well-known Broadway plays in which helicopters crash and ships sink onstage. With his theatrical company, Motley, Naseeruddin is bringing back the lost art of Dastangoi, the ancient practice of storytelling in which the end of one story leads to the beginning of the next — bringing theater back to its original intent: one actor, one audience:

MTV IggyInnerView > Naseeruddin Shah – The Magic of Storytelling
Naseeruddin Shah

Whatever we asked Naseeruddin Shah, this legend of Indian cinema took in stride and answered with thought-provoking candor. Whether it’s about homosexuality in India (changing, but like “the hang-ups we have about blind people, disabled people… lepers”), advice for young Muslims (“do not read the Koran like a parrot, try and understand it”), or his own orthodox Muslim parents, Naseeruddin truly graced us with every response. He gave us the clearest definition of what it means to be a fundamentalist we’ve ever heard, talked about why actors cling tightly to superstitions when they become successful, and even told us why his children are being raised without religion. Want a bracing conversation about religion and culture over dinner? Just don’t take him out for French or Italian!:

MTV IggyInnerView > Naseeruddin Shah – Homosexuality, Islam, Acting, and… Dinner
Naseeruddin Shah

With over 150 films to his credit Naseeruddin Shah is known for an illustrious career in international cinema. Recently, his film choices have tended towards darker, more political films, specifically Khuda Kay Liye (In the Name of God) and A Wednesday. Both deal with issues of terrorism and fundamentalist strains of Islam. In this segment, he talks about what he looks for when reading scripts, his instincts in choosing work, and why A Wednesday strikes a chord with every average person who has felt sidelined, trapped, or forced to pay when violence erupts:

MTV IggyInnerView > Naseeruddin Shah – Choosing the Right Film
Naseeruddin Shah

It’s a bit hard not to fangirl all over this. He grew up being told that the earth was flat, and grew into an adult whose intelligence leaps at you through the screen. Wisdom…it’s a strange word to use these days, but it seems right to apply it to him. If only our politicians were even a tiny bit like him…

6 thoughts on “More Naseeruddin to Love and Admire

  1. Cicatrix,

    Thanks for introducing me to Iggy. The interviews with Nasseruddin Shah are so insightful. He has always been known as a very intelligent actor in Indian cinema and I can see why and more. Such a pleasure!!

  2. Brilliant stuff. cicatrix you have the best job in the world.

    Naseerudin sahib is one guy I would love to spend an evening chatting with over a few glasses of scotch. Keegan could join us half way through, with Lakshmi Menon, before they hit a club with lots of people dressed in black, and then I’d just chill and talk some more with Naseerudin sahib, over some more scotch, and a couple of cigars. What a dude.

  3. You can tell that the lady who is doing the interview is quite smitten by him as well 🙂

  4. Thanks Cicatrix,

    Shah is so charming. You are so lucky! I would kill to interview him. He’s so candid. Imagine all the things you could hypothetically ask…

  5. Does anyone else think he has most neutral of accents, it helps so much to concentrate on what hie is saying.

  6. Excellent set of interviews . Thank you . Wouldnt it be great to have more people sharing his worldview

    Considering that Mr Shah combines some charming style with rare substance – would have loved to get his views on the following queries

    • the role money plays in his life and his general attitude towards it
    • How does he maintain his high standards when around him everyone seems to be losing theirs ?

    Would have also loved to have asked him how did he know that the person he married was perfect for him

    Am sure those would be answers worth cherishing