Ash and Abhishek on Oprah: “The Most Famous Couple In THE WORRLD!”

Yeah. TMBWITW is now one-half of TMFCITW. Ash and Abhi flew in from Mumbai to chat with the talk show Queen today, and sadly, it was still a clusterf*ck of embarrassment: aishwarya_rai_bachan.jpg

It was as if she didn’t believe in the Bollywood titans’ fame. Or had to put it in terms that Westerners understood.
“They’re the world’s most famous movie-star couple. More famous than Brad & Angelina, anybody…”
Some pictures flashed onscreen of Justin Timberlake skirting paparazzi as he flung himself into an awaiting limo.
“Now imagine that kind of attention times 1000.” She showed footage of them with some Dutch girls in the stereotypical peaked Dutch caps. “They have FIVE! BILL-YON! fans. In Asia, Europe…” etc.
Then, of course, she had to explain that Julia Roberts had called Aishwarya the most beautiful woman in the world, as if only the opinion of a white celebrity could mean anything to her audience. And she couldn’t let them on without mentioning the issue that tickled her last time Aishwarya was on. “Here’s the best part,” Oprah said, gleeful. “They live at home with his parents.”

Aishwarya was wearing a sari and was gorgeous, etc. Abhishek was his handsome self in a velvet suit. Behind them, Oprah’s set background showed an image of shooting stars, upon which the phrase: “Famous Around the World” had been printed. It looked like the banner you sign at someone’s bat mitzvah. When she tried to make a big deal of how this was their first American national TV interview, Abhishek wasn’t buying it. “We sit together all the time.”

He explained how he had proposed to her on the same balcony where he had first longed to marry her. You could hear the “ahhhh…cute” sighs in the audience.

For some reason, the host thought it would be a good idea to keep talking not about the content of their work or Bollywood versus Western cinema types, but just about how amazingly famous they are.

More on the Oprah Bachchan segment on the MTV Iggy blog, and a full recap of the show (the Julia Roberts/Daniel Craig of every country!) in a second post.

102 thoughts on “Ash and Abhishek on Oprah: “The Most Famous Couple In THE WORRLD!”

  1. ash you suck,why do you over re act on tv always saying that you are ash rai bach you pretend to be happy but what is going to happen when you have problems are you going to tell the world-why dont you stay at home a have a child tell pappa to now step out of the limelight so abhi can promote himself he always behind you or pappa

  2. I think this couple is also the most hated couple in the world. Some people think they shouldn’t be together. Okay, that’s great, but that’s not for you to decide it’s their life let them live it the way they want to live it. They look good together for me and they look happy which is the most important thing. They both don’t have to be physically appealing. In Hollywood relationships are a joke and are only made for some entertainment and as a contract like Angelina & Brad I mean c’mon it’s just a business thing, they’re together because both look good and they’re making tons of money because of all the controversies that are arising because of them being together. They both got immensely popular AFTER they started dating and there is your answer while Aishwarya was always popular in Bollywood. In fact she is even more popular than Abhishek and he actually appeared on Oprah only because of her. It doesn’t matter if he’s Amitabh Bachan’s son here, but it does matter that he is married to the most beautiful woman in the world.The thing with westerners,no offense, is that they’re babies they are ignorant and they have the mind of a child and that’s why Oprah needed to say she is more famous than this white celebrity or this white celebrity Julia Roberts called her most beautiful and so on. She even needs to call her, “The Angelina Jolie of India,” even though people in India could care less about Angelina Jolie. We are all a victim of white supremacy and racism and we see that even on an international talk show like Oprah.