Actress Lisa Ray, Battling Cancer & Blogging About It

lisa-ray-blog-picture.jpg Via Chickpea and Nilanjana, I learned that actress Lisa Ray is battling cancer. Ray is best known for her roles in Bollywood/Hollywood and Water, though she also acted in a couple of Indian films in 2001-2002 (one Bollywood, one Telugu), and has done parts in a number of smaller films and TV shows since moving to Toronto several years ago.

Ray has multiple myeloma, which is “incurable but treatable.” It’s a tough diagnosis for the actress, which will involve aggressive treatment. However, she seems to be dealing with it with impressive poise, as can be seen in blog posts like this one:

The media here is reacting with support and sensitivity. I guess many actors or people in my industry rarely go public. I understand why. There’s practical repercussions as in, its become more expensive to insure you on a project. Some producers don’t want to- or can’t- take on that extra cost. So even when I’ve crossed over and joined the ‘Full Remission’ Club, there may be tough career and financial decisions.

It’s hard for me to live any other way than with full disclosure. (link)

She also seems to be enjoying the side effects of the steroids she’s on, which make her hungry:

On Steroids: you are HUNGRY ALL THE TIME.

When Dr. Ahmed Galal, my Warrior-Hematologist at Princess Margaret Hospital gave me my first cycle of meds, he capped his recommendation off with a charming gesture that meant: Beware of sweets.

Well. Sweet things aren’t the only temptation.

Every cycle of treatment, I’m on Dexamethasone for four days on, then four days off.

Who knew it would turn me into a free range chicken, pecking the landscape freely. I find it distracting to walk down my patch of Queen St without stopping for a nibble at the Pie Shack, scoping some sushi or sampling up kimchi and eggs.


All the best for you, Lisa Ray. Here’s hoping you’ll be able to enjoy the culinary delights of Queen Street (Toronto) for many years to come.

22 thoughts on “Actress Lisa Ray, Battling Cancer & Blogging About It

  1. How sad (and brave). My grandfather died of multiple myeloma a few years ago; I hope Lisa’s youth and previous good health help her get through this.

  2. I hope she pulls through – she’s a good actress with a bright future. Didn’t realize the insurance issue with performers and movies. Glad she’s keeping a positive attitude and impressed that she’s keeping up with fan-mail while recovering.

  3. Wish Lisa speedy recovery. She is young and a talented actress. One of her new movies “Cooking with Stella’ is premiering in Toronto International Film Festival which starts today. The premiere is on 16th and she said she will on the Red carpet. she will brave through it

  4. I would urge you to have this woman to contact Medicor Cancer Centres at 4575 Yonge St. They have done wonders with many people who have received a serious cancer prognosis. They combine mainstream medicine with experimental and alternative treatment.

  5. All the good wishes to Lisa, and all the strengths to her. Her blog posts are written in such good spirit…she’s doing a great thing.

  6. Wes Ford @ #7,

    Could you please elaborate more on their work? They haven’t listed any oncologists on their staff. I looked for studies by them and couldn’t find any.

  7. Feel better; prayers that you get as well as you can as soon as possible. Thanks for paving the way for future indian-american actors. and you’re beautiful.

  8. shibbydowopwop:

    I guess you have never been told by a doctor how many years are left in your life. As a child I was diagnosed with an incurable genetic disorder which I am still fighting every single day, and I find it hard to believe how insensitive some people can be. She is beautiful and it’s impressive the way she’s pulling through. My prayers are with you, Lisa.

  9. My aunt died of multiple myeloma last year, so this is especially hard-hitting for me. I hope she recovers!

  10. who is shibbydowopwop and why are you talking to him or her? there’s no person like that.

  11. Life is, sometimes, very cruel. Why only Lisa, there are innumerable such stories of indomitable human grit and endurance, where diseases from cancer to debilitating nervous disorders have been battled and contained by very ordinary men and women. Lisa is wished success in her battle against MM.

  12. I was diagnosed January 28th, Lisa was Diagnosed on my birthday. There are many new things going on with out cancer that say cure not just remission. November 18 I start treatment for a Stem Cell transplant called Auto, then in March I have to have another but with a donor and my brother Thank God is a perfect match. I will be in Seattle till August I have to stay close to the UW and the Cancer Care Alliance. Don’t give up or give in!! I am looking at some bad times ahead but I will live… and anyone can contact me to help by just talking or emailing

  13. I wish all the best to Lisa, i dont know much about her, i just saw one of her movie last night, and i like it. After i read all comment for Lisa, i knew that there’s a lot of her fans pray for her good and hope that she will be recovery soon. My English is not very good, i know. But i just wanna say that, i hope you will recovery soon so that i will watch your next movie.

  14. My father battled with this terrible disease for 4 1/2 years and lost his battle Apr 08. Chemo is no fun. For a second opinion please contact Dr. Ivan Borrello at Johns Hopkins University. He specializes in MM and is one of the best. All the best!

  15. She is back into the game… Looking dam hot & pretty. Nothing is impossible in this world and she has showed it to the world…. Everything is curable … even without treatment at times… it is your confidence which matters…