Cute or Fashion Crime?

Ok you all know how I felt about this:

Today, a picture of her newborn Ikhyd popped up on her Twitter account. The kid, minus the outfit, is mad cute. But… I am totally against killing albino ladybugs just so that the baby of a wealthy singer can be dressed like this. Can we get PETA up in here or something? Acts of Fashion Fug against a child should at least be a misdemeanor. I’m just saying. And why does this look like a mug shot?

10 thoughts on “Cute or Fashion Crime?

  1. ^^ LOL. The kid is wearing “black” lady bug not albino I think. Only her top thing is albino.

  2. I think that kid is really cute – look at those skinny baby legs! And from twitter, it seems like fashion designer Henry Holland made the kid’s outfit, probably as a present for them?

  3. The kid, minus the outfit, is mad cute.

    He is adorable. But I’ve got a soft spot the size of Texas for dark eyes and wavy hair, so he had me at “WTF?”. Love bug.

  4. Skinny limbs and chewbacca on its head! My god, it’s like that massive pile of hair on its head is sucking away nutrients from the rest its body.

  5. too cute! and i’m feeling the outfits.

    that blue dress (remember?) mia also wore to the grammy awards was by manish arora. so props to her for repping a brown designer. but how about this dress. anyone know?

  6. Okay 4 things: 1. MIA’s outfit was totally ugly. She doesn’t need to put it on her kid. 2. Anna!!! You still exist! I was thinking that by now you’d been abducted by aliens! 3. How can you guys judge how a baby looks? That’s just mean. 4. Even though MIA’s dress for the grammy’s was ugly, we have to admit… good job for wearing a brown designer!

  7. Anna,

    Nice to read a post from you after a long time. Please write more posts!