Defend the wicket-Caption contest

From we see some pictures from “behind the scenes” at the Summit of the Americas that just ended (thanks for the tip Siddhartha). It looks like Obama is giving some guy named Brian Lara advice on how to swing a cricket bat. I am not sure if his form is right. It might be why Tiger Woods was invited to the White House yesterday. It also looks like Obama’s wicket is wide open. You know what time it is. It is caption contest time. Go at it.

49 thoughts on “Defend the wicket-Caption contest

  1. “some guy?: :) The Prince of Port-of-Spain is “some guy” or was “some guy” to cricket as Tiger Woods/Roger Federer are “some guy” to golf/tennis :)

  2. If one of the perks of being President of the United States of America is getting batting tips from Brian Lara, it might not be such a bad gig after all.

  3. Also, like I said at CM, I think what’s most notable about this picture is what a graceful cricketer Brian Lara is, even in formal wear.

  4. Are Rush L, Sean H, Glen B and Newt going to get their chuddies in a twist about the US President pretending to play an un-American sport ?

  5. Caption – “Obama: Say Brian I know what is LBW, but could you tell me what if they find me with CBL?” – Hopefully Michelle is out in the backyard – digging holes ;)

  6. tasteless quote, (but good one)…

    “…and then I told Chris Brown, ya gotta open that can of whoop ass like this…”

  7. “Obama see here putting final touches on his new CPP(Corporal Punishment Program) initiative for underperforming CEO’s”

  8. brian lara shows some guy how to really look cool.

    brian lara shows president obama how to defend against cheney’s wicked googlies, fox news’ spin, chavez’s wides, ahmedinejad’s wrong ‘uns and the taliban’s no-balls.

    president obama: hey lara, do you think shah rukh khan will be impressed? if the economy tanks i may need a new job and i like the idea of wearing a gold helmet.

    president obama: great, they promised me tips from the digicel girls and all i get is brian lara.

  9. Maahn! You may be President, I am 500 not out!

    Lara is the only batsman that’s worth paying to watch in the last 15 years! Wow!

  10. President Barack Obama, seconds before literally pulling Brian Lara to deep square leg, thus setting off what history will probably refer to as a series of totally unpredictable but easily avoidable events leading to World War III, and the sudden disappearance of the bottle-nosed dolphin.

  11. Obama: So Brian, as I pulled back the wicket she finally yelled out; “OK, it was Bill who started the whole sectret Muslim thing!!!”

  12. Obama to Lara – we need to get this bat to the white sox

    I still can’t believe that from what I heard that Obama is more of a White Soxs Fans then a Cubs Fans.

  13. Obama slaps it over midwicket while lara caresses it through cover ;) says Richie Benaud

  14. on analyzing the picture further Obama does a few good things 1) keeps his eyes on the imaginary ball 2) head over the ball 3) hands closer together rather than spread across the handle

    I d say that Obama has swung a few cricket bats – maybe even watched a game or two.

  15. After another attack by the superglue terroist, Obama is forced to resort to extreme measures to unstick Brian Lara’s hands.

  16. Brian Lara demonstrates the hours of fun that can be had with the new lifesize Obama marionette (now with ultra-fine controlling string!).

  17. Obama: Brian! [Yanks the bat from Lara's hands] What have I told you about spanking Commonwealth heads of state?! Just because you’re friends with the Chief, doesn’t mean you can get away with things like that. I’ve had enough trouble with those CIA guys. And I’ll thank you not to keep smirking, young man!’

  18. obama: yes, THIS is the change we need.

    also, from cricinfo:

    George Bush tried – and failed – to swat a tennis ball with a cricket bat on a trip to Afghanistan in the dog days of his presidency, but the meeting between Brian Lara and President Barack Obama in Trinidad was an altogether more successful affair.

    Obama took time out from attending the Fifth Summit of the Americas to meet with Trinidad’s most famous cricketer. While his sport of choice is basketball, Obama was given a brief batting lesson by Lara, although attempts to teach him to drive were slightly less successful than his lesson in playing the forward defensive.

    Obama greeted Lara by saying that he “always wanted to meet the Michael Jordan of cricket”. Lara repaid the compliment by presenting the president with a signed bat.

    “It was beautiful,” gushed hotel manager Ali Khan. “You could see the expression on [Obama’s] face and his daughter’s. He was truly emotional and touched as were all of us.”

  19. Obama and Lara (henceforth, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan) bond through their improvised recreations of all the lightsaber scenes from the Phantom Menance.

  20. Obama: You see, Brian, if you just have the confidence to open the face of the bat a bit more, it’ll increase your range of onside shots. If you work on it, I’m sure you’ll make a decent batsman. Now, where’s Tiger? I want to fix that awkward putting grip of his.

  21. Even if it was from the US President, at the age of 40, getting the birthday beats just wasn’t fun for Lara anymore.

  22. Obama: Lara, eh? I must say, you look very different when you’re not in your tomb-raiding gear.

  23. The IPL is facing further allegations of gimmickry when it was announced that all franchises would be required to field at least one head of state. Says Chairman, Lalit Modi, ‘We wanted to take the powerplays more literally. Also, by making matches decide the outcomes of major geopolitical negotiations, we want to bring a little sex appeal to international cricket and politics.’ Expect much gyrating by the cheerleaders on Thursday then as the Kolkata Knight Riders showcase their big-hitting new signing, Barack Obama, against the wily spin of Nicolas Sarkozy and the Rajasthan Royals.

  24. that’s a great photo.

    for #28, I think most fans and sports-writers would say that Tendulkar is the Michael Jordan/Mohammed Ali of cricket. He is still playing after 20 yrs. since his international debut (at the age of 16 or 17) and shows no signs of stopping. Many of the great bowlers of the current generation place Tendulkar above Lara (not to take anything away from the latter).

  25. Lara: At this stage Mr. President, you have two options. Either you give it everything you got like so (demonstrating), or you go for the cut

  26. libran, i wasn’t the one saying lara was the michael jordan of cricket, obama said it. tendulkar is my fave of the two, given his longevity/brilliance/manner in which he has dealt with pressures few, if any, other world athlete has had to deal with, and given that i am biased towards him as an indian.

    however, i think opinion is split amongst fans/sportwriters about who is the best cricketer of the last 20 years. both tendulkar and lara are legends and have their supporters. michael atherton, for one, prefers lara, murali says lara was the toughest to bowl to, whilst shane warne and the late sir donald bradman name tendulkar as the best. sometimes the tendulkar vs. lara discussion gets ugly, but i’ll just say that cricket fans have been incredibly lucky to witness both these geniuses. the best part is how respectful/friendly tendulkar and lara are towards one another.

  27. Ahaha, this is legendary.

    “If one of the perks of being President of the United States of America is getting batting tips from Brian Lara, it might not be such a bad gig after all.”

    So much hassle, but so worth it!