Sonny Spreads for GQ

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Remember Sonny from the Kenneth Cole ads? Our favorite sexy Sikh man is back, this time with a full spread out in GQ Spring/Summer ’09.

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It’s great that the image of the sardar is receiving positive attention. Perhaps it will encourage those who aren’t familiar with Sikhs to learn more. I said perhaps. More realistically, the page will be turned (no, not all Sikh men dress…like that) and Sikhs will still be unknown. It’s in our human nature to see something unfamiliar, and then go back to our dinner and never think of it again. [LangarHall]

Why so skeptical, Sundari? I’m sure many a folks will be turning the pages on this entry virtually, repeatedly. More pictures after the jump…

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And another one, just because I can. You can check out the rest of his GQ pictures here. Though I think that this spread is in a German issue of the magazine, I wouldn’t be surprised if the polished photos were picked up for the American-made mags -I’m sure some may disagree. Who said fashion wasn’t political?

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56 thoughts on “Sonny Spreads for GQ

  1. 50 · Manju said

    i just thought i’d use this post to express my admiration for your paparazzi-style avatar

    Thank you, Manju. It’s how we do when living large in LA as a Sepia Mutiny blogger – never know when the paps will be around.

  2. Sikh guys are really the best looking among Indian men, but generally only the ones without turban or beard.