Jindal Did Turn Down McCain

It looks like Governor Bobby Jindal was approached by the McCain campaign for serious VP vetting, but he turned down the McCain people. From the WaPo (thanks, Sahba):

Jindal was approached by McCain forces to gauge his interest in the vice presidency and told them he was not interested in being vetted due to his desire to continue on with his current job, to which he was elected just one year ago.

While the official reason that Jindal took his name out of contention was his lack of a desire to leave the Louisiana governorship, there was also real trepidation within his political inner circle that Jindal might wind up as the pick — McCain was attracted to his comprehensive health-care knowledge — and be caught up in what they believed to be a less-than-stellar campaign that could pin a loss on Jindal without much ability to change or control the direction of the contest. (link)

Here is what I said on October 29:

I expect it will come out, in months to come, that McCain specifically asked Jindal to join the ticket this past summer and Jindal turned him down. (link)

It looks like it won’t take months for the truth to ‘out’, after all. (Admittedly, he was not literally invited to join the ticket, but, hey, close enough.)

25 thoughts on “Jindal Did Turn Down McCain

  1. Excellent. I’ll be anxiously awaiting your posts regarding the World Series, Super Bowl and winning lottery numbers (I’m not particular regarding which state).

  2. Good for Jindal, he should have a good shot at being a successful governor in La (starting from such a low point helps secure success! ;-) ). Then, I have Jindal 2016 to look forward to!

  3. That’s a real stretch Amardeep. McCain would have been in trouble with many if he didn’t at least approach Jindal. I made the argument that that relationship would have been suicide for both. Jindal wasn’t about to blow his wad in what was destined to be a losing year and McCain didn’t want to pick a running mate that would undercut his best argument against Obama: experience. Oh wait…he kind of did, which is another reason he lost. So Jindal was smart to never seriously consider running. If he is as smart as I suspect him to be he may even wave off in 2012 if Obama is hugely popular. Age is on his side and 2016 might prove to be a better “change” election.

  4. Jindal is destined for big things, my bet is also 2016. The GOP has marooned Palin and left her standing in Wasilla in her LL Bean long johns and mukluks. They had to dash her ambitions to create room for the more intellectual/wonkish representatives of conservatism to thrive. I am hoping that the country will further sour on religious literalists over the next 8 years and Jindal is shut out of the game in favor of the old type of center right Republican

  5. Glad he turned down the Veep offer. “Nailin Jindal” doesn’t have that ring to it, and the visuals are disturbing.

  6. My prediction: Jindal sees the light and runs in 2016 as a DEMOCRAT. Hey, if he can convert from Hinduism to Catholicism …

  7. 7 · Seahawks fan said

    My prediction: Jindal sees the light and runs in 2016 as a DEMOCRAT. Hey, if he can convert from Hinduism to Catholicism …

    By 2016 Jindal will have formulated a syncretic religion that combines Wicca & African animism that is scientifically designed by Dr. Newberg’s UPENN neurotheology lab to appeal to the largest number of voters. By 2016 Jindal will have accomplished 10,000x more than I have causing my parents to disavow any relationship to me.

  8. I think he should wait until 2016. Romney is likely going to be the frontrunner for the Republicans in 2012 and even if he gets the nomination, he’ll be going up against an incumbent. He’ll only be 41 years old in 2012, he can wait four more years. Though, I’d rather he not get elected at all.

  9. Bobby is going to Iowa later this month.2012 is already looming.Unless Obama pulls off a surprise next 4 years,Jindal could be our president come 2013!

  10. Ironically, Jindal’s political perception and apparent self-awareness – the very instincts that kept him out of McCain’s VP slot – make me FAR more comfortable imagining him in the White House than I ever felt about Sarah Palin.

  11. Isn’t Jindal the guy who admits to participating in an exorcism?

    Doesn’t Jindal believe in Creationism as described in the Bible?

    Doesn’t Jindal have the same views on abortion as Palin?

    The latter two points are very close to Palin’s positions. Jindal is more of a policy wonk.

  12. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I find Jindal’s religious beliefs way too extreme to ever consider actually voting for him. I just don’t think he’s as Bush-like as Sarah Palin. Admittedly it’s a little bit like choosing between a kick in the groin or a sharp stick in the eye.

  13. This may seem a little crude, but I may be in the minority that believes Jindal has a better chance in 2012 than he does in 2016. Apart from bieng able to make the argument that he can fix health care and rebuild the economy like he did in LA, in 2016 conservative republicans and blue collar democrats are likely to want to see a traditional white person back in the White House. I don’t know how much apetite this country will have for potentially 16 years of minority presence for the nation’s highest post.

  14. I don’t know how much apetite this country will have for potentially 16 years of minority presence for the nation’s highest post.

    Exactly I was thinking but didn’t write. Obama has a real shot of doing big things in healthcare, energy and infrastructure if he can wind down the wars quickly.

  15. I agree that Jindal has better chance in 2012 unless Obama is a disaster(and people want a white man back in the white house earlier)If obama is just decent(I dont expect his to be spectacular given the baggage he is coming in with-the unions,populistic unreal promises etc.)the republicans are likely to take a chance on a yong less experienced guy from a minority community to run against Obama.

  16. As I commented on another blog, Jindal does not seem to bring excitement to an election the way Palin does – whether positive or negative. The guy is short-ish, extremely skinny, nerdy and serious. He does not seem charismatic at all. He would make a good adviser and policy wonk, but he does not seem to have the personal magnetism to get others, especially liberals and moderates, to rally to him in a nationwide election. He will need to do that to do well. Plus, there is the weird exorcism episode. I guess we will have to see how well he does as LA guv.

  17. Jindal will have accomplished 10,000x more than I have

    Sheesh, louiecypher, I apologize for having said that long ago! :-)

  18. BJ’s got great political instincts. history has been very unkind to losing VPs (edwards, lieberman, kemp, quale, etc). I can’t think of one off the top of my head who eventually got to the oval office. palin may prove to be an exception, as she’s charismatic, glamorous, and can play a very powerful identity card…but she really needs to bone up on her 3rd grade geography.

    it appears a leaderless party is increasingly looking to Jindal. his ivy pedigree assuages those nervous about palin’s intellectual gravitas and he can appeal to the base in a way the corporate romney can’t. remember, the base loved keyes. i put him up there with romney, huckabee, and palin for a potential ’12 run.

  19. Im kinda glad, if McCain hadnt picked that joker in lipstick, he might have had a chance at winning. And i went OBAMA all the wayy =]

  20. Jindal seems like a socialist to me. He supported the abolition of regressive sales taxes at the cost of increasing the state income tax, and also opposed bills that tried to undo some of these changes and give more tax cuts to people. I would prefer to hold my judgment on him till Joe the Plumber tells me what to think. Personally, it seems to me that Jindal is pretty adept at the Bolly two-step… almost as good as that Ghandi guy.

  21. 17 · JM said

    Plus, there is the weird exorcism episode.

    First Palin, then Jindal, will bring exorcism back! I am just waiting for it to be embraced as an Original American Tradition by “intellectuals” ranging from Krauthammer to Kristol to Will!

  22. I would prefer to hold my judgment on him till Joe the Plumber tells me what to think.

    Why listen to some ordinary Joe when you can listen to Barack the Plumber?

    Really, that’s Barack Obama triumphantly holding aloft a toilet plunger during a St Patrick’s Day parade in Chicago in 2003.