Posh as Indian Bride Barbie? That’s Major!

posh for vogue india.jpg Well not Indian Bride Barbie so much as their November cover girl, but that’s totes what she reminds ME of (thanks, cookiemonsta):

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham graces the cover of Vogue India’s November issue, trading in her western outfits for a traditional Indian bridal sari.
“Posh” Beckham, the wife of British footballer David Beckham, chose several bridal outfits by Indian designers for the photo shoot, the magazine said in a statement. [linky]

She was also not overheard saying, “Can we hike these up a bit? I need people to see that I have replaced my seven-inch Loubys with swaggers. Aren’t they MAJOR?

“I have long been an avid admirer of the Indian fashion and lifestyle culture,” Beckham, 34, was quoted as saying. [linky]

She then stared dreamily off in to space for a second while fondly remembering that one time, with that proto-chav who made it rain with rupees at Glassy Junction. Ah, good times.

The magazine’s fashion director said Beckham was thrilled to experiment with Indian bridal wear.
“She absolutely loved everything about it — from the ‘maang tikka’ and ‘haath zeb’ (traditional Indian jewellery) to the gorgeous lehengas (traditional Indian skirt with embroidery),” said Anahita Shroff Adajania. [linky]

What fool wouldn’t? Indian brides get to wear the most gorgeous clothes in the world. I love Reem Acra but even her most show-stopping gowns fade away in the presence of Priya and Chintan’s most basic lehenga.

The cover is after the jump.

posh cover of vogue india.jpg

56 thoughts on “Posh as Indian Bride Barbie? That’s Major!

  1. 49 · badampal said

    anna, i think you’re delayed on your pop indian ads/genre. this news was all over perez couple of days ago.

    I don’t read him. Even if I had the time to read, I probably wouldn’t read him or D-Listed, which is what the tipster sent in…there are approximately 30 blogs (written by many of you) which I wish I could keep up with, so Pink is the new whatever et al aren’t a priority. At all.

    I honestly don’t mind if someone else blogged it a few days ago. :) We’re not a newspaper, we don’t break news. Unless one of you tips us off to something and one of us is free to post, that is…


    “original” Sonia- you are most welcome. :)

    Ankur– aw, can’t a girl have a little fun? ;)

  2. I was trying to figure out what’s odd about the sari on Posh. It’s just that she’s not wearing it right, there’s no gracefulness and it’s not draped correctly. It looks like a hippie costume. If she’s that into Indian finery, she needs the Indian equivalent of the What Not to Wear ladies to tell how to do it properly.

  3. They could have done this way better. Her nettu-chutti is off kilter, her wig is fake looking, her facial expression is vapid, and the lighting blurs out the sari.