Visions of the Divine?

Via our tipline, Janeofalltrades sent us a story about a special garland of flowers that recently “appeared” in Queens. It isn’t quite as spectacular as the Virgin Mary appearing on a grilled cheese sandwich, but its still pretty cool:

To most people, the purple flower that sprouted between two concrete slabs in a Queens backyard would be just a hardy vestige of summer.

Sam Lal sees something more.

The Jamaica man is convinced the mysterious blossom is an incarnation of the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesh – and neighbors and friends are flocking to see it.

The nearly 4-foot-tall flower grew in June and began to resemble an elephant’s head and trunk in August. Lal said that the ailments that had plagued him for months disappeared.

“This formation came to heal my illness,” the 60-year-old Hindu man said of his relief from pain due to a bone spur near his spine and bulging discs in his neck. [Link]


p>When a garland resembling Ravana appears, then I will become a true believer.


p>And speaking of “Divine Visions” SM Tipster Arul sent us a great Flickr portfolio of French stencil artist C215’s work. The portfolio includes pictures taken of his artwork in the Karol Bagh District of Delhi.



New Delhi between 7th -16th October 2008. (See map with each photo if you’re ever in Delhi) Sometimes threatened, usually uncomfortable with the large crowds that gathered for the spectacle of a couple of foreigners having strayed off the tourist trail somehow and ended up in their unimaginably poor district. These pieces were mainly for the children to see and enjoy, which hopefully you can see from the India Set, they did. [Link]

3 thoughts on “Visions of the Divine?

  1. I LOVE the C215 work. Gorilla art forever. (sic: i like monkeys) Guy! you got to swap in one of those pix in stead of pappaji with the banana (sic: i like monkeys) inflorescence.

  2. I was wondering if SM would pick up the amarnath story…its pretty cool. I mentioned it to my mom (a fine upstanding religious woman..:P ) and she said this sometimes happens…but not often. 😛 Its intersting that it grew in the shape of Ganesh as the flowers are too delicate to sculpt in that manner…as for the healing power, I think faith in something (whatever that is for an individual) can do wonders in healing the body. 🙂
    As for the stencil work, it s very cool indeed!

  3. “This formation came to heal my illness,

    Many a woman has experienced God in the presence of my formation. And I don’t think I am sharing too much when I say that the anatomical form of Ganesha comes to mind.