12 thoughts on “Another political shirt served fresh

  1. hmmm? if a chick wears that it could be construed as vaguely sexual undermining the “vote Obama: one house, one wife” t-shirt. better switch to ” I gave Biden a Slurpee.” that’ll fix it.

  2. I think Biden was giving a compliment. He said that you cannot go to a 7-11 without a slight Indian accent. There is nothing slight about the thickness of the Indian accent at a typical 7-11.

  3. well, if you really want ot give it to Biden, you could go with: “Don’t like the indian accent? Then plug your ears, not your scalp

  4. OH, now THIS one is a goodie – I laughed so loud my preschooler came running in, thinking I had Phineas and Ferb on again…

  5. I’m buying this shirt (really) so I finally have something to go with my slight Indian accent. :)

    I like this one! I’m one of those who wasn’t particularly offended by the statement either – it was just awkward, b/c I guess it could mean that INdians (South Asians?) ONLY could work in blue-collar jobs – if owning your own business is bluecollar.

    If Biden had said ” YOu can’t go to any hospital and communicate without a slight INdian accent” I think no one would be offended…it’s a class thing, and I guess wanting recognition of Indians accomplishments. I remember NBC news had referred to it as an ethnic slur and I couldn’t understand that categorization of it. NOw Macaca; that’s an ethnic slur of course.

  6. how about some mccain shirts?

    i went to the iraq-pakistan border and all i got was this lousy t-shirt. (the real map with mccain’s face blown up to fit iran)

    sunni:al qaeda :: shia:iran (maybe with a clock showing 3 am, mccain sitting at his desk and answering the phone with a cheatsheet that says this)

    homeS, sweet homeS (in a thought bubble littered with mansions and leading from gramps mccain bundled up in a rocker with a sweater and sipping on his hot cocoa)

    I’m rich, bitch.. with this quote of mccain’s on the back – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mP-0pedQeGw (and the art features mccain telling cindy this.. should fit in well with the names he likes to call her)

    and please price these tees cheap because middle-class dems will be buying them.

  7. and please price these tees cheap because middle-class dems will be buying them.

    I’m paying out of my pocket for this entire Denver trip. I get a small commission for each shirt. I probably won’t break even.

  8. I’m not entirely comfortable with the obvious implications of brown icing on a white donut, so can I get one with multi-colored sprinkles? And I’m allergic to cotton so it’d be really great if you could print them carbon nano-fiber self-washing tees. And you do take food stamps, right? You don’t have to charge me for postage because my cousin Bunty lives down the road from your bunker and he’ll be happy to pick it up for me. I wear a XXXL. Thanks!

  9. That donut is an ABCD donut: Brown on the outside, but fair-colored in the middle. Oh yeah, it’s also spiritually void, as metaphorically emphasized by the donut hole.

  10. Actually people really should watch the lengthier clip – Biden does go on to mention that 30% of the CEOs in Silicon Valley are Indian-American: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG8RUP31oIY While I agree that that the reference to 7-Elevens and Indian accents is stereotypical and offensive, it’s not as if Biden is unaware of the success and economic diversity of the South Asian American community.

  11. i am eldon smith. (wow – just when you thought mccain couldn’t be any more of a pathetic, lying, coward, he surpasses himself.)