Satire, Done the Right Way

The Onion, on the India-Pakistan stand-off (thanks, Astonhope):

The joke is as much on the way Cable news channels report on “breaking events” — as if the world were about to end every time there is a traffic jam on the New Jersey Turnpike — as it is on the actual endless stalemate between India and Pakistan.

7 thoughts on “Satire, Done the Right Way

  1. In our house, we have a game where we try to guess at what point in BBC World News is the word “crisis” spoken. It’s fun, in an egghead sort of way.

  2. Andrea: “Dan, how are civilians coping with this crisis as it continues?” Dan: “Mostly by growing old and dying Andrea”.

    Gotta love the Onion!

  3. I liked how the on-screen graphics spelled the city “New Dehli.” (Watch for it around the 1:58 mark.) Well, I didn’t really like it, but I like how it reflects the poor spelling capabilities of the graphics people over at CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. Accidentally or not, The Onion keeps it realistic.