5 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July!

  1. I love America and Americans very much. I always give thanks when I’m returning from a trip to India, or anywhere else in the world. I only hope that us Indo-Americans never take for granted about the goodness of this country and its people. Moreover, we should always look to selflessly help out Americans – all all socio-economic background in whatever is our capacity. Also, we should always be proud of our Indian backgrounds, and hopefully, we should all unite and do the following: 1. Like the Italians, Chinese, Jews before us, we should set up very pretty “Little Indian Towns”. 2. We should have a bigger presence in the Armed Forces. 3. We should enhance the culture, economics (socially and financially), and strength of the USA.

    1. We should have a bigger presence in the Armed Forces.

    Why don’t you sign up?

  2. Hilarious. The muppets could probably run this country better than current leadership.

  3. That was totally awesome, especially the last part. Sam the Eagle should have watched more School House Rock–makes it much easier to memorize the preamble. Though really the 4th belongs to the Declaration. Tis really a pity that September 17th isn’t also a holiday.