An Update on Vinay & Sameer (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Just got the sad news that Sameer passed away this morning in Seattle. He was surrounded by family and friends and went peacefully. I’ll post more details later but for now, reading Sameer’s last post is a great window into his mind and his appreciation of all the energy friends, family and mutineers sent his way.

(Anna has posted a memoriam)



Many of you took part in one of several successful bone marrow drives for Vinay & Sameer which cumulatively registered nearly 25,000 new South Asians to the national database.

Both Vinay and Sameer beat the odds by finding matches with a few weeks of each other and had succesful transfusions. Unfortunately, both have since taken a turn for the worse – Sameer’s case in particular.

Vinay’s leukemia has, unfortunately, relapsed

Vinay’s leukemia came back about three weeks ago. He enjoyed close to three months at home with Rashmi, close friends and family and was thankful for every minute of it.

He has since been put on a different treatment regiment with a positive outlook and his general health means he’s spending time at home with friends and family.

Sameer had a perfect 10/10 factor match and made a triumphant return home on Feb 11 (A GREAT read – Sameer’s own tongue adds a lot to the post).

Unfortunately, complications from the transplant process resulted in a severe infection, loss of consciousness, and most recently, a stroke

We found out yesterday that Sameer had a stroke while in the unconscious state. The CT Scan shows that the right side of his brain is affected. This area controls motion on the left side of the body, etc. There is also swelling in the brain which can put pressure on the brain stem.

Sameer’s back in the ICU and his prognosis is not good. However the situation unfolds, his friends and family certainly appreciate kind thoughts, words, & prayers from mutineers near and far.

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16 thoughts on “An Update on Vinay & Sameer (UPDATED)

  1. Thanks for posting this update, Vinod. I’m sorry to hear this. As a close friend of a recipient of a stem-cell transplant, I know how difficult the healing process and the road to survival can be. My thoughts and prayers go out to the two families.

  2. thanks vinod for the updates.. i’ve been keeping tabs on both of them, and am saddened for the turn of events in both cases..

  3. Thanks for keeping us posted, I was wondering about their progress. May God pull them through this.

    My prayers for both of them.

  4. Hoping and praying they will get through these setbacks. From what I have heard (through a neighbor’s experience), a bone marrow transplant and recovery,etc. is a long physical and emotional journey. Wish them success.

  5. I’ve been keeping tabs on their respective blogs and continuing to say prayers for their well being.

  6. Thoughts and prayers are with both Vinay and Sameer as well as their families and friends. God bless you all.

  7. Minorities like us NEED to get registered in the national bone marrow registry! Currently, there is still a shortage of minority bone marrow donors, making it much much harder for South Asians to find a life-saving match. Please take advantage of any local bone marrow drives you run into to get registered!

  8. God Bless you both, Vinay and Sameer. Our prayers are with you. You will emerge strong from this, just as you did before.

  9. I am so depressed about Sameer. I volunteer for the NMDP and worked many of the drives in the SF Bay Area for them. I am a grandmother of a 12 year old with AML (, he too has relasped and needs a match, but because he is mixed, it will be nearly impossible to find. I have followed Sameer, Vinay and others to give me hope that victims of this monster (AML) have greater chances of survival. My heart is very heavy today as one more has fallen to the AML beast. I am now worried about Vinay as his web page is not working. I pray he is still healthy.