Big B for PM of USA

Without making a big fuss, the boys at Badmash are back with a new video and new material. Tired of the Presidential Election already? Well, how about directing your attention to the election for Prime Minister of America (click to watch the video)[Thanks to Taz]:

Amitabh has a carefully nuanced platform, which explains why America needs a PM:

“I want to say to America: Look, America, I am not here to take a job from you. I am here to bring you a job from India. That job is Prime Minister. And yes, you should find an Indian to do it.” [Link]

He’s willing to take clear stands concerning important issues, such as women’s rights:

“I have always felt right about women.” [Link]

and the right to bear arms:

“Of course. Arms should definitely be bared. As often as possible. And shoulders. And even stomachs, especially in a white sari. But only not in Texas. I’ve seen less ‘skirt steak’ on healthy cows.” [Link]

and most importantly, the issue of Obama in a turban:

But Green Card Party candidate and Oscar-attendee Amitabh Bachchan was skeptical. He cited the loose wrapping and the absence of a triangular summit as reasons to believe this impostor’s turban would never go over with the country’s brown constituents.
“The audacity of audacity!” Bachchan told reporters after seeing the photo. “Is this guy trying to make me look bad? [Link]

5 thoughts on “Big B for PM of USA

  1. The video is funny and very entertaining. The writing on the website, not as funny.

    With Obama as president and Amitabh as prime minister, how can America lose?

  2. Typical of Badmash: Interesting animation, horrible dialog and script. Just isn’t that funny.

  3. hilarious!! the blog could be better, but the video and site are really funny

  4. This is great. I think these guys are up to something interesting…They have launched a real studio in India…Will be interesting to see what they do…