Another film trailer

There is going to be a new Tarsem Singh movie, The Fall and here the trailer is funny, albeit for somewhat different reasons than The Love Guru:

There is sort of a S&M look here, which might be appealing if one is into that sort of thing… On the other hand, all the leather and stylized violence might also just come across as kind of kitschy and pompous — this is the kind of imagery that’s very, very easy to mock.

16 thoughts on “Another film trailer

  1. Great Trailer. I’ve always been a fan of Taresm Singh’s work. His work on Cell is very underrated. Along with the Philips CD-R commercial he did with Talvin Singh’s music. That was one of my favorite ads. And this movie looks amazing. Definetly something to check out in the theaters. And in this day and age, that says a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. very interesting. highly stylized. not my thing actually, but if people liked the matrix movies, or the movie by banderas in which he poses stylishly with an asslobe in the air, i’m sure theres’ a market for this stuff. it reminded me a lot of eklavya. great cinematography and costumes.

    i am intrigued by the plot twists though (the way it is framed as a story within a story). Also.. did you notice this is a ‘googly production’. brother’s bringing desi to the masses.

  3. i can see how it can be mocked. interesting that Tarsem has dropped the Singh… going for the one-name diva status? or neutralizing any exoticity?

  4. Looks intruiging. At some points it looked stylised like an advert for expensive perfume though.

  5. The Cell was imho the Citizen Kane of the psychopathic killer movies (sorry Lambs & Se7en), & I am excited about this movie. The trailer looks fabulous. Also, looking at the imdb credits, did anyone notice him in Benegal’s Netaji movie as the ‘Peshawar policeman’?

    @akak – maybe he learned from McG? @khoofia – isn’t Bollywood all mostly about posturing? At least Tarsem’s imagery (& imagination) is more authentic than the umpteen Top Gun ripoff look & feel that I get to see from desh nowadays.

  6. what? am i the only one here who thinks the trailer looks… awful? or stupid? i don’t think i would pay to see this film.

  7. There is sort of a S&M look here

    Sepia and Mutiny? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Films like the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or this promise a lot. I am a sucker for faux-historical fantasy and teams of international comic-book-style characters, but whilst the former movie was ruined by appalling editing, this already looks more accomplished. I’m not sure what I think of the style-heavy, content-light glut of movies made by music video directors (like McG that Tipu mentions).

    The music, which is the second movement (in A minor) of Beethoven’s seventh symphony, reminds me of a similarly-paced short, the Freedom to Move Levi’s ad.

  8. I’m wondering how exactly this film is S&M.

    It looks very interesting, though, and the visuals are stunning. As are the print design elements, like the typography.

  9. Fine use of the allegretto from Beethoven’s 7th! I just lurv highly stylized stuff like this.

  10. I saw this movie at the Toronto International Film Festival two years ago. It was stunning, gorgeous, heartwarming, heart-wrenching, and clever. Unfortunately, the reviewers who often don’t see the need to stay past the film’s first 15 minutes didn’t agree, and as a result no one would pick it up to release it. Last I heard, it still hadn’t been released, which as far as I and the people I saw it with are concerned, is a crime.

  11. Two other films come to my mind whilst looking at the trailer – Julie Taymor’s Titus and Gregory Colbert’s Ashes and Snow. Takers?

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