LA Meetup Saturday March 1st

I will be travelling to the City of Angles (when you’re that skinny, the only curves are silicon) over leapday weekend, and thought a meetup would be in order, hosted by yours truly and Taz. I’ve heard stories about the LA meetups, so here’s your chance to show me that you can party better and harder than your brethren and sistren in NYC, DC, SF and Chicago. The meetup would most likely be on the westside, at a location TBA.

Please RSVP so we have a sense of how many people will be coming, and also suggest good venues. I’m not from LA, and Taz is hyper-busy with the election season and all, so while we’ll be there with bells on, we need your help in choosing a location and getting a head count.


We’ll be meeting at 7PM @ the Redwood Bar and Grill

The Redwood Bar and Grill
316 W. 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

31 thoughts on “LA Meetup Saturday March 1st

  1. Good times. I plan on making it.

    A few suggestions… -Lola’s in WeHo (the clockwork orange martini is dangerous) -Mani’s Bakery & Cafe (nice vibe, great treats, BUT no alcohol I think) -Bodega Wine Bar Santa Monica (food and wine are always solid) -Standard Hotel WeHo (accomdated a mid-size brunch with friend on fairly short notice… great people watching… cold ass food b/c no one eats and expensive drinks) -The Woods in Hollywood(haven’t been yet but am quasi-dying to check it out. It’s freaking right next door to Mashti Malones!) -Tantra in Silverlake(funky dj) -Edison Bar in Downtown (swanky yet chill)

  2. Count on BC to have a list! Keep in mind the place needs to accommodate 20-50 people…

    My suggestions are 1) Redwood Bar (downtown desi owned pirate bar!) 2) Synergy Lounge 3) Arsenal 4) Barcopa 5) 217 6) Golden Gopher

  3. Oh shooot! I am so down. Finally! A meetup happens where I’m gonna be. May I suggest Azusa?

    :) Mostly because I have no way of getting a ride. Lol.

  4. interestingly, my travel sched sorta lines up with this as well (gotta be in San Diego that weekend)…. I might be able to make it… lemme dig into my itin a bit more and I’ll have some data w.r.t. what time of day would work best (afternoon vs. weekend)

    I like the pirate bar idea.

  5. BC, Taz

    How about partying like aging rockstars at El Torito? Darn, the place you guys listed sound like they have bad lighting.

  6. Dude, you’re totally invited. Reunion tour! We can make t-shirts. Like you’ve got something better to do that weekend.

  7. We finally get the LA meetup that has been long overdue. The Edison bar in LA was the last good bar I visited.

  8. payal: edison bar is awesome :) , i was just going to mention edison bar… we closed it down a few weekends ago… good times.

  9. one request of the mutineers — the last few meetups in LA had 40 to >50 people

    SO, we need a good size place that can not only accommodate a crowd our size BUT ALSO isn’t too crowded on a Sat night. Golden Gopher worked out pretty well last time around so some place like that would be ideal.

    Redwood Bar sounds good BUT, I’m sorta concerned that the Yelp’ers say the bar area is too small / crowded. You won’t like some of the mutineers if you get between them and their Black Label.

  10. I heart the R Bar. It can be pretty chill early in the evening. However, I do recall one Friday night that it was completely packed.

    Moutain Bar is considered a dive bar in Downtown but it rocks the house and is generally not crowded on a Saturday night but I can’t make any guarantees. Awesome lychee martini. I’ve never seen it super packed or anything close to crowded outside a Yelp event.

    The Roost is a super chill hipster bar… ample seating. Kinda feels like you’re in the 70′s Show minus the doob.

  11. Redwood Bar sounds good BUT, I’m sorta concerned that the Yelp’ers say the bar area is too small / crowded. You won’t like some of the mutineers if you get between them and their Black Label.

    You’re not buying bottles in the VIP section? The Olsen twins will be so disappointed.

  12. Seven Grand seems like a lot of fun and the same level of chill as Golden Gopher.

    Yelpers keep commenting on the “chill” factor @ Seven Grand.

  13. edison bar is’s HUGE, you don’t butt brush up against peeps, and easy to get a drink…and they are pretty strong :)

  14. is PG coming jk? bear in mind dtown would be most convenient for public trans ie avoid possible insane traffic and help those w/o auto access. could always go somewhere on the westside afterwards or meet there and carpool somewhere.

  15. also public trans (dtown) would be good for people coming long distances who don’t want to drive. ie san diego

  16. Hey, you’re finally coming to town — yea! I’m a long-time lurker (2004) and, um…Random White Guy. I missed the last two meetups (I was in Mumbai) but am looking forward to meeting you all soon — count me in — thanks!

  17. Yay, another LA meetup.

    Edison is a really cool place, in a relaxed swank sort of way. Zanzibar is still fun. The bar at the Viceroy might still be fun. Blue Goose Lounge is nice, if Hollywoodish. Mandrake bar might be too small. Busby’s is big enough but it doesn’t stand out.

  18. Ennis: I believe there is a dress code.

    Here’s the trick with the Edison: go early as fug. Friends and I went to a lame-o art gallery opening on a Friday night. It sucked so we went in search for a cool spot. We rolled into the Edison pretty early in the evening (maybe 8 pm or earlier). There was ZERO wait. I was dressed pretty casually (I was going to a hipster art gallery opening) and it was totally cool.

    If we meet up at the Edison, I recommend having the meet up start early b/c the line can be hellacious otherwise.

  19. I am an occasional stumbler at Sepia Mutiny and saw the post for the meet today. Looking forward to it. Will watch this space once the venue is finalized.