Rice, rice baby…

paddy fields.jpg

Said Vishal on our News Tab:

Not a story this, but…A farmer passes bunches of paddy to another to sow in a field at Kunwarpur village near Allahabad on Saturday, July 21, 2007. Beautiful. Courtesy : Hindustan Times.

Hey, it’s okay that it isn’t a “story”; it’s an evocative photograph and you know what THAT means– it’s time to play caption that picture! Have at it, Mutineers. :)

Previous editions of the game: onnu, randu, moonnu, naalu. (I’m always struck by how different those are from ek, do, teen, char…)

63 thoughts on “Rice, rice baby…

  1. Are..dekho Paru,Basanti,Indu ..koi hamra photo kichh raha hai…idhar dekho to sahi…

    Anna..you are mallu gal ?

  2. Chachaji…’Annapurneshwari’ godess temple is famous in Horanadu,Karnataka…Rice godess…

  3. ‘Anna’ (pronounced like ‘fun’) I think means grain or food in Sanskrit. Hence Annadaata (giver of food) as a name for God.

  4. Not sure. In addition to the fact that I am now slower than a tortoise, which is always appreciated on New York streets, there’s this bit of awesomeness. I’m trying to come up with something, though…

    Wow, didn’t know you leg’s in a cast. I hope it heals quickly. Good luck!

  5. “here’s a little grass for my homeys who are not here anymore.”

    Hilarious, man.

  6. Hmmm…An open invitation to write a caption for this picture, and Rahul, our king of phrases, is missing? He must not be feeling well.

    P.S. And ‘Puliogre’ in da USA? How can one talk about rice without him?

  7. Monsanto does not get this rice–not for that low price. Ready or not, here comes paddy.

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