Beats, Rhymes, and Life-July 19th, Houston

A few weeks back when Anna wrote about D.C.’s Subcontinental Drift, a series of spoken word and performing arts events featuring South Asians in the D.C. area, I mentioned in the comments that I was going to borrow (ok, steal) their idea and implement it down in good ‘ole Texas where there is also a growing arts community. Well now it’s on, just like that:

Houston has many South Asian artists, musicians, and other creative individuals who never seem to get the type of attention that their counterparts in New York, L.A., and D.C. receive. This summer it’s time to change all that. Join us on Thursday, July 19th from 8:30-11:00 p.m. at the new downtown venue “Bar Bollywood (basement of the Butterfly High Lounge) for a FREE night of Spoken Word, Live Music, and Visual Arts. DJ Raj Swift will also be on hand to lay down the backbeat.

If you are an artist of any kind and want to perform (especially a spoken word, literary, or dance piece) or just want more information, then email abhi [at] ASAP.

Although this event is meant to spotlight South Asian artists, ALL are welcome and encouraged to attend. Spread the word.

Finally, Roopa Vasan will be on hand to cheek swab people for the South Asian Bone Marrow Registry in hopes of finding a match to save her cousin Vinay’s life.

Bar Bollywood
902 Capitol Street
Houston, TX 77002

Please let anyone you know in or around Houston know about this if you think it would interest them. Hope to see you there.

9 thoughts on “Beats, Rhymes, and Life-July 19th, Houston

  1. OK – so there are two distinct swabbing events. After reading Soham’s post, and seeing GenerAsian Radio’s flyer on the same day, I wasn’t sure if one or the other had a mistake in the date.

    I’m looking forward to the tectonic shift!

  2. Abhi–what an awesome idea! There is so much potent talent hidden away (sadly, sometimes suppressed) in our community. Big part of the problem is the availability of fora. Bring the mountain & maybe Mohammed will speak (perform). Thanks for doing this. I’ll definitely spread the word to friends & family in Houston. Maybe it’ll serve as an impetus to get similar efforts started in other cities.

    And a drive, too!

    Not that I wasn’t before but, I am officially won over, Abhi.

  3. Yup, there ARE two drives at the same place….a week apart from each other. Hopefully Bar Bollywood will have serious amounts of brown folk show up and register. There’s a ton more coming up in Houston , too…

    Tues 7/24, Thurs 7/26, & Tues 7/31 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM Texas Medical Center Commons Food Court, Across from Starbucks (1st Floor)

    Fri 7/20 Deco 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm NetIP Business Card Mixer

    Sat 7/28 Shirdi Sai Baba Jalaram Mandir 5645 Hillcroft, Suite 104 Houston, TX 77036

    We need help flyering up in the Tx Med Center and all Houston area Desi restaurants, grocery stores, beauty salons, places of worship… if you’d like to help me out, drop me an email :) I’ll see you thurs.. I’ll be the one onstage trying to be witty ;)