The lost continent of Kumari Kandam

I’m sure the science-fiction geeks amongst y’all know about the lost continents of Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu. These are the “missing continents” that were submerged in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans respectively.

[The story of Atlantis has its origin in the Platonic dialogues, while Lemuria was hypothesized in the late 1800s as an explanation for why there were Lemurs in both Madagascar and India but not in Africa or the Middle East. Both are now beloved of mystics and kooks. Nobody really cares about Mu, although it is sometimes confused with Lemuria.]

However, I’ll bet you’ve never heard of the Tamil analogue, the lost continent of Kumari Kandam! Proponents say Kumari Kandam is Lemuria, different names for the same continent that once covered most of the Indian ocean:

Sri Lanka together with India, Indonesia and Malaysia were a part of this continent. Many islands in the Pacific and Indian oceans are remnants of this continent that in ancient time covered the whole area of today’s ocean. [Link]

The lost continent of Kumari Kandam

It turns out that everything does not actually come from India, it comes from Kumari Kandam. And by everything, I do mean everything.

“Homo Dravida” first evolved in Kumari Kandam; it is the cradle of civilization; the birthplace of all languages in general and of the Tamil language in particular. This is where the first and second great ages (Sangams?) of the Tamils happened, not in India, but in the true Dravidian homeland, further south.

R. Mathivanan, then Chief Editor of the Tamil Etymological Dictionary Project of the Government of Tamilnadu, in 1991 … [produced] the following timeline …:

ca. 200,000 to 50,000 BC: evolution of “the Tamilian or Homo Dravida”,
ca. 200,000 to 100,000 BC: beginnings of the Tamil language
50,000 BC: Kumari Kandam civilisation
20,000 BC: A lost Tamil culture of the Easter Island which had an advanced civilisation
16,000 BC: Lemuria submerged
6087 BC: Second Tamil Sangam established by a Pandya king
3031 BC: A Chera prince in his wanderings in the Solomon Island saw wild sugarcane and started cultivation in Tamilnadu.
1780 BC: The Third Tamil Sangam established by a Pandya king
7th century BC: Tolkappiyam (the earliest extant Tamil grammar)… [Link]


p>The continent was destroyed by three large floods which wiped out most of the golden civilization with it:

It is believed by some Tamil scholars that the first academy existed at southern Maturai and was terminated by sea devouring the city. The Pandya king established a second academy at Kapadapuram. Again, the sea devoured the city. The Pandya king established the third academy in present Maturai (far away from sea coast). [Link]


p>What was left was later wiped out by the Aryan invasion that corrupted the remnants of the once great Tamil civilizations:

“After imbibing the mania of the Aryan culture of destroying the enemy and their habitats, the Dravidians developed a new avenging and destructive war approach. This induced them to ruin the forts and cities of their own brethren out of enmity”. [Link]

I’m looking forward to seeing a version of the comic book Lemuria entirely settled by Tamils. When Aquaman or Namor come to visit, they can serve them Dosa/Idli .

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  1. Also, question for Tamils from India…when you read about SL Tamils in Canada, do you identify with them as co-ethnics

    I for one definitely do. I had a SL tamil friend in India who told stories about how they came to India illegally, in one of those boats at night. Its crazy. I definitely like their tamil accent. It sounds kind of pure. For reference see Kamal’s “Thenali” character.

  2. “Also, question for Tamils from India…when you read about SL Tamils in Canada, do you identify with them as co-ethnics”

    Not a Tamilian, but one half of my family has roots in TN which stretch back centuries. When I used to live in London, when it came time to visit a temple on a puja day-nine times out of ten, it usually ended up being one of the SL Tamil Hindu temples over any of the Gujju or HP temples.

  3. Also, question for Tamils from India…when you read about SL Tamils in Canada, do you identify with them as co-ethnics

    Sure, I do..

  4. all this comments on being sLtamil,indian tamil,tamil brahmin,these are the things that’s really screwing up our people.only when we identify ourselves as just Tamils that we can make a diff .

  5. all this comments on being sLtamil,indian tamil,tamil brahmin,these are the things that’s really screwing up our people.only when we identify ourselves as just Tamils that we can make a diff .

    Oh yeah, Parochials of the world, unite!

  6. Enter the Homo Mallus Erectus Hilarious. I have an aunt who has lived in TN for ages and her idea of Tamil is to speak Malayalam very slowly and loudly to the listener, all the while waving her arms wildly for extra emphasis. “ORRRRUUU KIIILLLOOO AAAAPPPLEEE EDDUKKOOOO”. Good times:)

  7. Sri-Lankan Tamils certainly regard SL Tamils originating from India as inferior but I believe and hope it is something that will gradually fade. Most of it derives from a sense of pride as those who weren’t lowly enough to work for the foreign powers. There is all kind of talk (from academic to racist insults) about who actually first inhabited Sri-Lanka and a general glorification of race respectively by the Sinhalese and SL Tamils that are politically motivated.

    As a mixed Tamil/Sinhalese girl, my feeling is that in the past intermarriage must’ve been more prevalent than in recent times when racial and cultural consciousness have taken a seriously ugly turn in Sri-Lanka. The Sinhalese play up the Indo-Aryan connection and the Tamils are on a ‘pure blood’ tip since Dravidians seem to have an endless history. Yet Sri-Lanka also has a number of Austroloid/Aborigine people (whose numbers are diminishing) who people don’t want to acknowledge. There is, however, plenty of genetic evidence that intermarriage between these ancient people and the Tamil and Sinhalese population has taken place.

    IMO the question of race has never been as strong in Sri-Lanka as in recent times. After all, it hasn’t been that long since Sri-Lanka actually became an independent country and a state of its own with national boundaries. Ffwd to 1948 and Sri-Lanka has been hurled into the modern world while these ancient historical questions which everyone wants to know are causing the country to self-destruct.

  8. Guys everyone is mixed somewhere in anchestry. So, stop being proud of a race or language and do some good to mankind.

  9. this is avery idiotic reason i have seen for this gondwanaland but for many years the scientist are searching for this but the only remains ans from the artificial satellite we come to know that the earth was only one main land and that was now what we called Pangea.

  10. Why are the North Indians getting upset when these issues comes out? We are not putting you down or anything. Also North Indians (So called Aryans) are not superior to the South Indians (Dravidians) and you will never be. It’s the North Indian religious view that created Pakistan, and if North Indians keep on acting like this we will create the Federation of Dravidian States (Andra Pradhesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Eelam, Pondichery and Tamil Nadu).

    If you want a language to be used as common, I suggest you go with English while the mother tongue remains as state language. If the North Indian doesn’t want English you can just go screw your self because the South prefers equal treatment. Look at Singapore, they have Chinese, Tamil, Malay and they choose English and now they are on top of everyone. Look at Sri Lanka, they went on to force the Sinhalese Only Act and they are in a Civil War. Is Sri Lanka what you want India to be? Well the south doesn’t but looks like the North does.

  11. 110

    Very true…it shows how important a part mother tongue plays in ur life…whenever it is geting dissed u cant help but 2 stand up for it….anyways lets get bak 2 the kumari kandam…..i kind of agree that there is a landmass submerged underwater which was ruled by the pandyans. However it must not have been as big as it is mentioned…it must have been where present day adams bridge and palk straight is….I once read a book which says that ravana was an ancient pandyan king!!!!So obviously (if the book is true) Lanka too must have been a part of this kandam too…that gi

  12. 111

    Yes, there is a huge possibility that Kumari Kandam is small and it could have covered the Adam’s bridge if it did exist in the past. There is also a huge possibility that some lands could be covered by the ocean due to erosion of land or because of rising sea level. In my view there is no way, someone built the bridge to that depth to cross an army to invade, it could have been a shallow sea during at that time (giving the possibility that Kumari Kandam was just starting to sink in the ocean).

    I still don’t get why the North Indians and the Sinhalese get so emotional about this issue or when Tamils pride them self with their glorious past. We are not looking down on them; it’s just that we have a past that we are proud of. When you study about Indian civilization it’s not just about Emperor Ashoka and the Northern kingdoms. It is a fact that the Dravidian kings contributed equal or more as the so called Aryans. The only people to have navel fleet to do foreign invasion and influence (by the ocean) were the Dravidian Kingdoms (specifically the Tamils). Read the histories of how these kingdoms went on to conquer lands that could not be reached by land and how their influence still remains to this day.

    This video documentary outlines how the south was denied their share in the Indian image due to the view of the British about the exotic culture of the south.

  13. We are the rightful inheritors of India and apparently Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia. We Dravidians are indigenous to these lands because we are the first inhabitants, but if we had to choose one homeland it would be India. It was ours first before anybody else. The Dravidians mastered science, engineering, architecture, art and medicine way before any other people in the world. All of this was ended by the Aryan barbarian whose penchant for violence overwhelmed the peace-loving true Indian people. I do not hold any grudge against North Indians because they are merely the descendants of the Aryans who did not personally conquer us. It was generations ago. I have to remind these North Indians however that their push for a bastardized identity of brown (mixed identity only applicable to North Indians/Brahmins) or Desi (Sanskrit Aryan pride anti-Dravidian racism) does not apply to Dravidians. Do not disrespect the first civilization of humanity by subverting it under the Aryan language of the barbaric conquerers. I am proud to be colored black and not brown. We do not need light skinned Brahminist-occupied media telling us light is the best, brown is normal and pro-Indian, while Dravidian black is inferior and un-Indian. Dravidians do not need to make up new terms for ourselves. We are true Indians. If you North Indian Aryan invaders want to insult Dravidians any further by denying we exist or by denying that we created the Indus Valley Civilization or claiming that your brown skin is better than our black skin or insinuating that Persians are the ideal of beauty, I suggest you do it back in your real homeland, the Iranian Plateau, with your Persian heros.

  14. Interesting stuff, and good discussion..

    Why lemurians (the monkeys) live in India, Sri Lanka , and Madagascar ? And not in Africa and Middle-East ?

    Could be probably due to their common ancestors who lived in a larger continent, covering Madagascar Sri Lanka India, at least. If its not true we must admit that lemurians were able to swim a very long distance…(India-Madagascar) Probably impossible..

    There is a tamil word in the ancient Changham literature for the japanese word “tsunami”. It is Kaddal-Kol. Three of these giant tsunami have destroyed and submerged entire cities. They mark the 3 different changham.

    The history is very related to the city of Atlantis described by Pluto. The history is prior to the last ice age.

    Pluto probably heard that from a sage coming from India. These holy men probably played a big role forming Greek’s philosophy..There was a huge exchange of knowledge in this time, between Greece and India. Indians also went to Greece in ships.

    Finally a thanks must be addressed to the French Philosopher and Writer Mr Voltaire who said we must everything to the Gange’s people, Pythagoras gone to the Gange to learn.. Mmmh thats quite interesting. The fables , do you know ? The mini stories about conflicts between different kind of animals ? “Fable de la Fontaine” ? He took the stories from an ancient Greek man. Do you know where this ancient man took from ?

    These stories, fables, are too known in India. How do you think ?

    Well the subject is VAST, we must do more deeper research about Kumari Kandam.

    But what is sure for me, this story is not only a myth.

  15. ” I can’t speak to whether there is significant intermarriage among these two groups now. “

    There is more intermarriage between Sinhalese villagers and the upcountry Tamils (so called Indian Tamils) in Sri Lanka than there is between SL Tamils the Upcountry Tamils. Jaffna Tamil doctors used to refuse to work in hospitals in the Central Province because they would have to come into contact with Indian Tamils, who were considered to be the lowest of the low in the SL Tamil hierarchy. The Colombo Tamils and Eastern Tamils are also considered by Jaffna Tamils to be a ‘lower’ variety. Although the conflict has erased these divisions to some extent, they still exist. The split in the LTTE also took place because of this Northern Tamil – Eastern Tamil historical animosity.

  16. SOUTH INDIA & TAMIL EELAM must claim independence from india & sri lanka respectively.

  17. I agree with Arun Raja that we Tamil Nadu and Eelam Tamils from Sri Lanka must form one country and break from India and Sri Lanka respectively for the progress of our future generations.

  18. The concept of divergent genetic genealogies is actually consistent with other studies of anthropological studies. The genetic markings of those populations that made a first sweep through Europe are consistent with those originating from Africa; HOWEVER a very small population from the what we view today as Germany/Austria have some very different genetic markers (the thought being here did Neanderthals survive longer than suggested in a small unnoticed valley?). The observation is relevant here to the oral history recited by those who know/knew them selves as Tamil.

    Why not have population coming out of the region we know as the Indian Ocean. As a side note to this discussion as of about 2 years ago it was determined that the EARLIEST Mammal (not human) originated in Asia, was the size of a large hamster, and looked something like a mix of door mouse and small chimpanzee (or so it is suggested). Why not have 2 or even 3 lines of humanoids evolving simultaneously. To the anthropologist this probably seems ridiculous, however if birds are in fact direct decedents of dinosaurs then I would be willing to bet that the evolution of birds is not just from one species.

    Tectonic theories suggest that the Indian Subcontinent was probably the fastest moving land mass evidenced on earth; moving at an astonishing 700 feet a year until it smashed into the Asian continent and created the Himalayas. (hope my memory recalls that reading right). Though I have not studied the Indian ocean basin as a laymen, it would not surprise me at all if even a single island sank forcing inhabitants off. Oral histories are sometime overlooked as truth, regardless of how accurately they have been passed on.

    MstrPBK St. Paul, MN

  19. it seems pretty crazy – but its true. My cousin, a sri lankan tamil, join the genome project, his DNA sample showed that his ancestry went back 60,000 years – to africa! only 5% or less of indians share this gene (M130) – prevalent in autrailian aboriginees sri lankans and malaysians – its the legacy of kumari kandam!

  20. People are bringing in various factors and claim that “kumarikkandam” never existed. Science have claimed that there are two locations in the world which has a high energy surrounded. one being the bermuda triangle, the second one is around Srilanka. this can be matched up with the speculation of two former civilizations Atlantis, and Lemuria respectively. Due to the catastrophies both civilizations went down. There could have been many lost civilizations in the past. The technological advancement we have presently achieved is certainly not the best one. We used machines,electronics.etc..but also cause drastic pollution. in other words we are digging our own graves at the other end of tech spectrum. If we analysed Ramayanam, we can clearly see that Ravana used “anti gravity” aircraft. In mahabaratham, the weapons used by Karna was of mass distruction. Flying charriots were supercharged war machines. When these were red by preceders of our civilization, they were misunderstood.why? because we didn’t have the ability to comprehend them, as our brains were at the primitive stage of this civilation.

    As such every primitive race we see now(aussie aboraginals, africans, native americans..) were once a highly advanced civilization. When their “distruction point” is reached, they undergo a loss and head back to primitive stage. Then another civilization arise and advances. this is the ultimate universal theory.

    Tamil have been around for thousands of years and have survived many natural catastrophies. There are location references in ancient tamil epics which can not be found in modern days (eg:pahriLi river,oLi nAdu,etc..)there was nothing found that supports any name changes to these locations also. Tamil also claims itself as “kal thOnru,maN thOnru, munthOnru thamizheh..”(it means… before stones and land you have evolved,oh tamil)therefore, as many claim tamil is not some lowlife southindian language. it has once controlled south asia, sumatra,and east africa.

    Modern day people who live in these areas have similar genetic information,facial structure,and the tone they speak is similar to tamil.

  21. “kal thOnru,maN thOnru, munthOnru thamizheh..”(it means… before stones and land you have evolved,oh tamil). That shows who we are my brothers and sisters. We are peace loving people. Our ancestors travelled long distances just to arrive in foreign lands to teach its inhabitants the meaning of civilization. This is historically proven fact. Technologically we are advanced (just look at our temples). We have reached the top a long time ago and now we are going down. this is due to mostly of our own mistakes dravidian are not seen as one anymore but as tamils, malayalis, telegu, SL tamils etc. The day we all stand united will be the day we rise again not violently but peacefully and the whole world will acknowlege our existence. To the people who refuse to understand this pls go back, study and understand the ancient documents both in sanskrit and tamil then only one will see the truth (cos our ancestors are not idiots to just write it). Until then my fellow dravidians where ever you are dont give up hope.

  22. It seems that many flood myths throughout the world correspond with the end of the last ice age, when the sea levels rose drastically and many areas of dry land were covered. One example is in North America, where there is a flood myth associated with many Native American nations. There is geological evidence that there was a massive flood, I think about 10,000 years ago if my memory is correct. It occurred when a giant glacial lake, that basically had a natural ice dam, broke through the dam when it melted as a result of global warming. It seems that other flood myths have origins in the same time periods. Of course giants floods have happened countless times, throughout the earth’s history from a variety of sources and are usually recorded in myth and lore if there are enough survivors.

  23. I don’t know whether my view is relevant to the post and iam sorry if iam hurtingn anyone’s feelings. As many have pointed out here early, kumari kandam could easily be the lost continent lemuria and could have actually existed and could also have been the oldest. 1.there are lots of information about the the central nucleus of this glorious land kumarikandam with it’s capital kapaadapuram ,a mountain called ‘meru’ malai(le’mur’ia??). it had four beautiful rivers around it which made the pandya land flourishing. 2. it had australia and madagascar connected to it(well that lemur theory does sit well) and recently they found a 70,000 year old huge serpentine icon in botswana africa(closer to madagascar). don’t you know and see in tamil temples all nagammas and nagarajas(in almost every temple even today) and the great aathisesha. we even have a clen called nagar kulam in the deva community.and can we forget the planetary gods the ragu and kethu(the snake gods).? 3.they have found that the antarctic area was warm once and could have been inhabited once.this is also considered to be connected to a land once (lemuria?)and then cut off and moved south. 4. the great mayan civilization of meso america is much closer kin to us.since tamil people from lemuria went up there with skilled labours there from the srilankan(then in lemuria)state of maya(one among the three states of old ceylon). V.Ganapathy sthapathy whom many of you know as the renowned architect visvakarma from ancient indian culture who is an aboriginal descendant of the visvakarmas who build the great temple of tanjore for raja raja chola.he recently went to mexico to check on the mayan ruins and was astound to know that each and every corner of them was perfectly built as per vastu shastra. and the constructing method, usage of lime mortar and small keads or knobs in large rocks for the usage of movement of rocks for building all closely resembled to ours even for today.he even noticed a picture of bindu(from sri chakra- singularity ).Now who knows what is the name of the person who created the great science of architecure of all time – the vastu sashtra.yes- it was mayan(maya again?) the chief engineer in deva logam.maayan- could it have been derived for mayan(pronounced differently).mayan was feared for his great creative power so people associated him with asura. associated link( how many of you know about the several deity names in hinduism with maya.maya means also delusion. Mayan wrote texts on architecture, herbology, ship building, space craft(yep vimanas- advanced technology?), drawing and painting, Surya Siddhanta (astronomy- the very first) and numerous other topics beyond architecture. He is the author of the Vaastu Shastras, Aintiram, Pranava Veda, and Agama( the law of temple constructions)that exist even today. He is said to have lived around 10,000 B.C. during the global warming following the last ice age that caused extensive rise in sea level which engulfed his homeland of Jamboo Dweepa(now somebody did say about 10,000 b.c here.) 5. in a book called “the lost continent of lemuria” the author had said that one found hundreds of lime mortar pillars in an island shore which is the only place in the whole world which has abundance of ancient pine trees of gigantic heights seems to grow even now.when they tested the columns it dated back to 13000 years ago. well not more than 3000 years ago did the uasge of lime got into practise in that what or who build that many columns with lime mortar pillars(again?)so long ago. set of mayan alphabet set resembles a little of tamil alphabets and like tamil they don’t have alphabets instead sound syllabels- 800 of them. for many sounds they had around 5 letter(like 2 different L, 3 -N in tamil?). 7.for all we know a language is natural if it was constructed for usage of mere communication.tamil is a very natural language which had it’s own development and assemblies(sangam) grammatical rules not just for the language but for the way of living of the community itself including household, office,war,love and even humour.(agananuru,puranaanuru,tholkaapiyam etc).tell me one language which has that richness. 8. the tholkappiyam the oldest known tamil scripture has mentions of few poets like sirukaakai padiniyaar(a woman poet?) and others who preceeded the time of tholkaapiyam.much older already?. sanskrit is a formulated language just like computer programming(no wonder indians are great in it- genetics?).sanskrit was a upper level language created manufactured like algorithms and codecs- by learnt minds for fromulating vedas, sastras and such science hell we even had sastra for animals(miruga sastra)birds(pathci sastra)and plants.In those times there were two languages the common man language(tamil?)and the learnt people language – my humble opinion is no way sanskrit is the oldest. it was created by an already flourishing community(anybody- i heard even turks spoke aramaic- closer to sanskrit). 9.the oldest known civilization until now- the sumerian has unmistakable closeness with turks and mayan – meso american clan – thus connecting to us again. 10. coming back to africa and snake god. africa is said to be the cradle of civilization, (once madagascar got cut off from lemuria n got connected to africa?) 11. the closeness of color and build of africans, mayans, tamils,even some middle east along with this storyline we have for asura mayan- the asura what was the build of an asura in hinduism?dark skinned, thick nosed,huge eyes, black hair . 12. someone did mention about the DNA difference in tamils with others. 13.just sit and research and watch how many close tamil names you can get from other old civilizations.for example chetumala- where the many known mayan works found was a pure tamil name. it is in the ancient tamil navigation map as chetumala itself.and the place belize(belisha- shiva)there.seriously ?language over continents have this risk of misconception as it moves over the lips of one to another, one place to another but exact name? 1500 B.C a tamil navigation group started from the western side of south india- konkan and went to meso america to form maya civilization .the main mayan ground is called what ?- cancun. the list is endless iam pausing it here, so could it be that lemuria was the oldest civilsation (closer to the last ice age) and can we assume safely that it was a tamil community.

    now coming to someone who said here about homo-dravidians. could they have been a species of half human and half serpent nature?(we do have myths about nagar kulam marrying to mortals and other devar kulam).this sits well since they could easily have advanced technologies like space crafts(vimana all over our epics), faster than light baanaas(missiles?),travelling to eeraelu logas-(extra terrestial travels) most of all.can we just compare and assume the following with hinduism and current science: bing bang- aNdavedippu,universal energy- aadhi sakthi, energy- sakthi, matter – sivam,bindu – zero state(before bing bang). energy combined with matter gave atom, sakthi n sivam gave poruL. hinduism is not a religion. it’s a way, you can even call it a protocol if followed properly you can reach the universal oneness.

    as the basic consious of sprituality rises all over the world now, not religious oriented but spiritual is always commonly misconcepted about vedas and other hindu relics just by taking the outer story. every single story in hinduism has an inner laid meaning which always points out that you and me are god. god lies within. the rise of the inner god in evrybody is the rise of new world and apocalypse(revelation).that doesn’t ask you to be a hindu or whatever. do you ever wonder about our sidhdhas(no myths) who live eternally just by mind control(well everything they do )- anima(power to become small-invisible?), mahima(power to become large), laghima(power to become light-weightless), garima(to become heavy),Prapti(power by which one can contact anything anywhere, whatever be the distance of that object- travel through space time and light?). Prakamya(the capacity to fulfil any wish that is in the mind- perfect mind control). Isatva(the capacity to bring anyone under one’s subjection). And vasitva is the mastery over the whole universe(the final stage).dont you think these are the dreams of most developed countries’s expensive laboratories when all it actually needed was a mind and willingness?.

    having said all that – i put upon a simple theory(may be hypothetical to few) that lemurians – basically oldest living civilization on this universe could have been the advansed too .this civilization of different speicies could have been the starting point of one part of homo sapiens(can’t say the entire world coz i donno more about higher lands)into world which sprouted out to many continents and the main race itself along with it all the richness and answers for our today qquestions got sunk in the great tsunami- perum kadalkOl(mentioned in silapatikaram).the rich language got stuck due to it’s self sufficiency but got dominated on later stage, since only a very minor portion of the original clan is survived .

    what more, isn’t it said ? “kal thOndri manthOndra kaalathae munthOndriya muutha kudi tamil kudi-” ICE AGE???

    • Fascinating comments.There are some Tamil words in Western Australia, which was once connected to Inida via Lemuria eg. Katkadu. I met a tour guide while I was in Hawaii who would be easily mistaken for a South Indian (he himself joked to me that he is the only Indian in his family!). Would like to engage with Malar on this subject. Any contact info?

  24. Um i’m just woundering where all you people have been these recent years. It’s been scientifically proven,through review of the research during imperial era, that the Aryan invasion never happened and that both north and south Indians have more aryan genetic DNA than Europeans and central asians(arabians). and that Sanskrit was the oldest language due to both north a d south having it and the mention of Dwarka, a now sunken city of lord Krishna, being above water but suddenly taken away by a huge flood during 13.4 thousend BCE, this has been proven using computer mapping and underwater ruins found. They also found ruins like the ones at Dwarka in the waters between Sri Lanka and South India which sank and the same time. The Vedas also mentioned river Saraswati whos dried-up chanel was found and mapped back using latest glacial meltdown software to have dried up at around 6,000-7,000 BCE, yet in Vedas its mentioned as a very lively river. Also people seem to forget that Aryan, which is derived from Sanskrit Arya, means noble or selfpure not a refrence to a race, it was also used by South Indians. So no evidence of any Aryan invation/migration and genetics proving that Indian aryan DNA marker is more in number and more ancient the European Aryan marker says that Indians are of same race of people who just called themselves Aryan to mean they were the nobpe people or selfpure people. There is also the thing that BOTH North and South worship the same god’s, with Brahmin being the almighty god of gods, and that these beliefs moved out of all India(Aryaverta at the time with a city state or rishi city being called Kumari Kandam) at around 20,000 BCE, which they have record of. This means we’re from the same people who just got devided by new language development due to enviromental change. Btw skin, hair, and eye color is determined by the amount of sun exposure and over a very long time becomes genetic somehow.

  25. hmmm. I’m guessing a lot of you people haven’t been up to date with the whole Aryan invasion theory. Genetics and archeology has proven that there was never an ‘Aryan invasion/migration’ into India at all. It was all made up by famous archeologists to try and divide and conquer India, and it worked. Genetics proved that the oldest Aryan marker DNA is from Both North and South India, much older than any other Central Asian and European marker of Aryan DNA. Also, by looking at the Vedas scientists and archeologists have found that by using advanced sea floor mapping and reversing the glacial meltdown that much of India had sunken beneath the ocean waters, including land 25 km out of the present city of Dwarka, whose remains they have fount 22km out to sea under 72feet of water, and Sri Lanka was connected to mainland India and there was more land south of Sri Lanka all connected to main land India( Aryaverta at the time). The word Aryan is actually derived from the Sanskrit Arya meaning Noble of Self-pure. And archeologists have not found any proof of a Aryan migration into India but they have found a migration out of India at around 20,000 BCE. Also the mention of the river Saraswati in the Vedas described it being a very lively river which was 22km wide and they have found the now dried up river Saraswati and using glacial mapping say it dried up at around 7,000-6,500 BCE saying that the Vedas must have been written down long before 7,000 BCE, making Sanskrit the oldest written language. They have also found remains of an underwater city in the sea between South India and Sri Lanka which was above water at the same time the sunken city of Dwarka was. so BOTH North and South Indians are of the same people who called themselves Arya=noble/self-pure people, it was only during British imperial rule that the whole Aryan-Dravidian divide has appeared. Oh this also means that Central Asians and Europeans are decedents of Indians.

  26. vaazhga thamizh….
    people who say that lemuriya not related to tamilnadu can very well think about before telling that lord Rama also might have not existed… but many are very sure that he existed before at least 2 lacs of years back………..

  27. the basic problem between south india and north india is aryans failed in invading the south…… so they are no able to bare it now….. infact british were much better than north indians….. even after invading the earth almost british is very friendly when compared to north indians , british did not unite europe as a country and declare english as national language…… swizerland is having four national language …. english is not among them….