It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp (UPDATED w/ outcome)

You might not believe this, but we’re not really a vain bunch here at the mutiny. There’s barely a single full length mirror in the entire bunker, and it’s hard for me to move Rajni the monkey (who loves to watch herself preen) away when I need to tie my turban in the morning. We’re quite bashful really, and say awwww shucks a lot, as befits people of our rank and station in life.

This would explain why blogger Vinod failed to tell the rest of us about his latest honor (Thanks Manish!). Vinod was nominated for “The Bay Area’s Most Eligible Bachelor Contest” !!!!

We’re not asking for your votes, Sanjaya fans, they closed the polls on Friday. Instead, we’re asking you to collectively hold your breath until the winner is announced at some point tomorrow. If he wins, our very own man meat mutineer will receive an invitation to participate in the Guardsmen Bachelor Auction on May 17. That’s right … if we’re lucky, Vinod could be auctioned off to the highest bidder, thus demonstrating his strong belief in the efficiency of the market.

Just one complaint, yaaar. Whoever pimped you out used this photo when I think that this photo shows your good side. And if you win, remember, I’ve got dibs on one of the two VIP tickets and the pimp costume. A man has to look his best …

How much would you pay?

p.s. love the goodie bag:

The Winner of the Bay Area’s Most Eligible Bachelor contest receives … A goodie bag stuffed with lux items, including Teeth Whitening from Serenity Dental Spa, Botox by Dr. Michael Macdonald, 2 tickets to Monte Carlo Night donated by Coit Staffing, Interior Design Consultation by Katharina Wohl Designs, Hair-cut and Style provided by Nikas at 77 Maiden Lane Salon & Spa, event photography service by, and more. [Link]

Although it beggars the mind to think so, the winner of this round was not our every own Vinod, but instead somebody named Matt Harris who isn’t nearly half as debonair, dashing or geeky:

Matt is 30 years old and lives in Russian Hill in San Francisco. “He’s one of the most kind, funny, caring, intelligent people I’ve met,” writes Trudi Loscotoff. He works for Conde Nast in San Francisco as an Advertising Sales Manager for Details Magazine. He has a 3 pound Yorkshire Terrier named Scout. They are both house trained, well mannered and always down for adventure. Matt loves to cook, and is looking for a funny woman who likes to stay in and drink wine. [Link]

[The outcome was rigged! Rigged I tell you! Vinod was robbed! First Al Gore and now Vinod!]

Vinod, remember, you’re always number 1 in our hearts, no matter what other people say. We’d be happy to turn you out auction you off any time you want.

30 thoughts on “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp (UPDATED w/ outcome)

  1. …Botox by Dr. Michael Macdonald…

    I thought that was just a Southern California thing…

  2. Whew! Mutinettes have been throwing their panties on Siddhartha’s stage with such vigor recently, that even I’ve considered adopting his sensitive guy routine, replete with bleeding heart politics and everything.

    But suddenly the world makes sense.

  3. We’re all about the male objectification here at the Mutiny. And no, Vinod doesn’t need any of the things in the goodie bag.

  4. if we’re lucky, Vinod could be auctioned off to the highest bidder, thus demonstrating his strong belief in the efficiency of the market.

    But what if some old-money heiress buys him? What sort of incentive for innovation is that? Vinod should accept stock options as bids. “Stock-option my love…”

  5. From the comments here

    1. Annie wrote about this photo on May 14th Vinod is such a charmer. Funny, witty, and extremely handsome – he makes even married women wish they were single.


  6. Congratulations Vinod! You’ve got the competition beat. If you’re taking suggestions – For the big day, I’d suggest going with a slightly darker tie, like maybe this houndstooth and maybe even a shirt with a slightly shorter collar, like an Ainsley, not a Forward Point. I like the rest of your color scheme, though. And I agree, your smile will really take you places :)

  7. Where are the hot-or-not police? I feel that Vinod is being inappropriately objectified.

  8. That goodie bag is waaaay metrosexual….not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  9. BTW: I had my teeth professionally whitened and they aren’t half as iridescent as the above….bonded, or caps?

    *I kid, I kid! I am sure the bidding will be fierce….especially if Vinod promises to discuss Uncle Milty….

  10. I feel that Vinod is being inappropriately objectified.

    We’re all about appropriate objectification here.

  11. awww! how cute! great dimples…

    btw…professional tooth whitening is overrated. customized trays work just as well, cause less sensitivity, and are waaay cheaper.

  12. Am I just sleepy or they don’t have a voting button next to Vinod’s picture? Love the gladiator pic!

  13. See, I think they should have used this picture… but I guess that’s just me and my weird taste.

    In other news, Vinod, you best beat out Stephan Jenkins (how did he even make it on there?!?) at the very least, or I’m coming back to San Francisco to cry foul! :)

  14. Vinod is very cute! Dimples are my weakness. =)

    My fav no doubt, was the gladiator pic.

  15. We’re not asking for your votes, Sanjaya fans, they closed the polls on Friday.

    Ennis, I must take this personally– why tell us so late? I would have tried to vote 1100 times for Vinod, even though I’ve never seen him in medieval mufti.

  16. Dang! Vinod is so fresh and so clean in that photo. Deep chocolate Andes Mint y’all.

    Is there a layaway plan? ;p

  17. This is so funny; it’s been on the radio non-stop! (not Vinod, but the auction, at Ruby Skye… hahahahaha). Good luck, Vinod!