HOUSTON meet-up, Sat May 19th

I’m a little nervous about hosting my first meet-up solo. So far every meet-up I’ve attended has been co-hosted by Anna or Taz (who are far better organizers and bring name tags). I think my fear is that at the meet-up I will be expected to give a speech like William Wallace did right before he yelled FREEDOM! I can’t be expected to sound mutinous on demand. In truth, we don’t really talk much about Sepia Mutiny at meet-ups. We do share good eats, merry drinks, and take scandalous pictures (none of which shall ever see the light of day) with good peoples. All bloggers, commenters, and lurkers (and friends of the three-aforementioned groups) are welcome. The meet-up details have finally solidified and it is time for Texas to represent.

Where: Hobbit Cafe

When: Sat, May 19th @ 6.p.m.


abhi [at] sepiamutiny dot com

The reason for meeting relatively early in the evening is so those that want to (count me in) can move on to a second venue to continue the good times in a less “Shire-like” environment. Perhaps something more like the dive bar at the “Inn of the Prancing Pony.”

Now, the real question is have I scared people away by all my Lord of the Rings allusions?

18 thoughts on “HOUSTON meet-up, Sat May 19th

  1. Nah man, you’ll do fine. And if you don’t, some girl will come to your rescue.

  2. lol! I wish I could be there, and doubly so, since its being held in Hobbit Cafe. The picture brought to mind that infamous review of Bakshi’s LOTR horror.

  3. Ask abhi anything: do they have real hobbits working there?

    The ocean divides me from these meet ups but one day I will triumph, and add my two cents of sitting in the corner not saying anything and figuring out what table manners are. :)

    The meet up sounds really cool. Have a good time.

  4. Can we have the meet a little early in the day, so that I can come back to Austin by night? If it’s not possible, I’ll still make it but won’t stick around for too long. (I’ll rsvp offline too.)

  5. I’m completely with the plan for an early dinner, followed by other adventures. There’s always the Davenport :)

  6. In any case, I’m totally into Harry Potter mania now. What you need, Lord Abhimort, is a dark mark for your follow mutineers, so you can summon them for meetups at will!

  7. Oh, come on. If we’re doing HP references, Dumbledore’s Army is the obvious one. The mutineers are on the side of good, and one of them should have the techno-savvy to create those nifty DA coins that light up when there’s a message.

    Rather like… pagers. And cell phones. Guess they’re already invented.

  8. I think if the meet-up is at 6pm, I’ll make it but take an early leave, I have my cricket league match Sunday morning. (rsvp sent offline as well).

    Gulti girl: Leaving Austin by 3:00 sounds good?

  9. my old roomie lives in houston, and got really excited when i mentioned “hobbit cafe.” she and i will both be there!

  10. hello all, i won’t be able to make the meetup because i have a wedding to go to, but i’m sure it’ll be fun. i hear they have a mean black bean burger for all the vegetarians, though that amount of sabji in disguise might be a little edgy for desi colons. and that’s too much information.

    as a side note, i’m glad abhi’s here to set this up as i would do something incredibly nerdy (ie. have the meetup at an indian restaurant and have people come up to the table singing the desi ‘happy birthday to you’ a la dil chahta hain). but i’m sure it’ll be a good time regardless.. have fun!

  11. Ahh..i was just watching LOTR – 1 this weekend…Hobbit cafe, pony…seems like there is a theme here…I won’t be able to make it bcoz I’m going to motherland for vacation! Have fun in the Shire and don’t do something I won’t dare ;)

  12. Ahh…another LOTR fan at heart here.

    The only thing that frightened was the fact that you chose a Rankin-Bass image. ;-)

  13. As long as no one starts singing “the eye of Sauron is upon you, all the livelong day” to the tune of UT’s fight song – that, and no actual eye of Sauron either.

    Still can’t meetup…hope y’all have a good time!

  14. OK, if Houston can host a meet-up, then Atlanta certainly can too!! Any takers? Huh?

  15. Is it too late to confirm my own self for this delightful prancing event?