Sanjaya is MY Papaya.

Last week (or the week before it, perhaps?) when American Idol’s cameras panned across the audience, I saw a “fanjaya” holding a sign which proclaimed: “Sanjaya is my Papaya”. Love it. It’s delightfully absurd, innit?

Last night, our half-brown wonder achieved what I thought impossible– positive reviews from three judges who are now extra cautious about everything they say, lest they offend young master Malakar’s ardent base of 12-year old girls and grandmothers, since doing so would only mobilize a GOTV effort that the Democrats probably have wet dreams about…and if they don’t, they should.

My papaya (what’s hilarious is I HATE PAPAYAS) crooned “Besame Mucho” and he did it rather well [Thanks, Murad], though I for one could’ve done without his attempts at growing facial hair. But Jennifer Lopez kinda predicted his success, didn’t she? She seemed slightly smitten with our kitten. Speaking of, does anyone remember when J. Lo’s hair and lips were distinctly darker and redder than her extremely bronze skin? No? Just me? Damn. Anyroad, I’d love to tell you what happens to the call centers’ choice, but I remember what it was like to live on the left coast and be salty about such things, so I’ll refrain from dropping spoiler bombs on y’all. ;)

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  1. chick pea (#32): she won’t win (a prediction) I’m fattening up for the struggle ahead *cue Eye of the Tiger*

    i recommend a lot of protein.. :)

    i hope sanjaya wins.. that would be priceless..

  2. To the person who asked above, there were 2 guys w/ Shyamali in the audience. One was the winner of the Amazing Race (huh? When did she meet him?!) and the other was Tom Lowe, the British guy who auditioned in Seattle and got cut during Hollywood Week.

    Did y’all here about the Star Magazine expose on Sanjaya’s “sad past”? Apparently his parents met while they were Hare Krishna’s (not sure if dad was a Krishna follower in India or if they actually meant ISKON) and they divorced when he was 2. They alluded that something really bad happened to make divorce allowable. His dad was a priest and made no income so his mom had to go on welfare. Then her mom remarried but Sanjaya’s step father passed away. The article ended by saying despite everything, the 4 Malakars are a very very close and loving family. But wow – Hare Krishna’s on welfare. What a tag line!

    Anyway, all this explains why he dedicated his Stepping Out performance to his grandpa. His dad had moved out and I’m sure they got really close.

    Oh and Shyamali is planning to move to LA to pursue a music career. Yay! I see some Malakar reality show in the near future.

  3. Billy Ray Cyrus just asked Sanjaya to guest star on Hannah Montana when he’s done with AI. I know nothing of this show but it is apparently huge among the tween/teen crowd — the San Man’s key demographic.

  4. His dad was a priest

    I also read that his dad was raised in a Temple in India and trained as a singer himself. So Sanjaya’s father must be brahmin. Probably bengali vaishnava. His mother is white italian.

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  6. Hannah Montana is pretty funny. Remember that episode of Saved by the Bell where Zack bets he can kiss Stevie — the pop star who, by day, is Ms. Bliss’s former student Colleen? Its kinda like that.. but all the time. Not that you asked, I just couldn’t control the nostalgia.

  7. OMG! Breaking News! Sanjaya just got kicked out of American Idol. Is this even possible? Has all good things come to an end?

  8. I felt really sad about Sanjaya crying. The reason he stayed so long was because all the males were dreadfully incompetent when compared to the females in this season, and he was a charming entertaining boy. I dread the time when he googles his name with insuinations about his singing ability and his sexuality. He deserves more than abuse: He is the reason many people (like me) who dislike American Idol tune in, in the first place.