Guest blogger: Naina Ramajayan

As SM readers know, we recently closed down our Los Angeles bureau offices. Apparently the California congressional delegation was pissed at the loss in state revenue attributed to our closure. They couldn’t take our money through taxation no more and all the local restaurants that popped up to feed our large staff are now without customers. As retribution the Mutiny was being threatened with increased congressional oversight unless we threw California a bone. Well folks, both California and our readers are in luck. Our newest blogger comes to us straight from Sacramento (Sac-town I think it’s called). Please welcome Naina Ramajayan of the blog Peter Sellers is Dead. What do they blog about over there?

We don’t have a running theme. We’re just here to talk trash — about people in the news, or people we know, or sometimes even each other. [Link]

We could always use a little more trash talk in the bunker.

14 thoughts on “Guest blogger: Naina Ramajayan

  1. I LOVE Pete Sellers is Dead, and I don’t even know who Pete Sellers is or why they have a guy specifically guest blogging to write about sports! It’s all very confusing, but I’ve been addicted for quite some time. Welcome, welcome!

  2. Naina, welcome! I’ve been enjoying PSID for a while now, so having you here is a pleasant surprise. (Btw, your bud Ansour’s comment on Pardesi Gori’s blog was pure 0wnag3.)

    To the monkeys: Is Preston Merchant still a guest? And what happened to those cool little pictures of the bloggers on the sidebar? And I’m still wondering what happened to Fofatlal!

  3. (Sac-town I think itÂ’s called)

    I once told a Californian that some friends referred to their hometown of Fresno as “The No.” “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!” she screeched. “People from Sacramento don’t call it ‘The Toe!’” I always thought they should after that. ;)

    Looking forward to news about the re-elected Ahnuld and what that has to do with desis… ;)

  4. Abhi, glad to know you’re still ‘california dreamin’. you know you miss it and would rather be here than Texas!

  5. Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the warm fuzzies — I had no idea that some of you have already been following PSID! Anyway, have a good weekend. :)