Ninde Achan Aara, Nel?

Sreesanth Swinging His Bat…. Dhoom Machale?!

It’s my first time, Mutineers, so be gentle. I’m a total Cricket virgin and if you’re mean to me about what is sure to be an amateurish post, I’ll be scarred forever– whether I end up a frigid fan or not is in your hopefully kind and capable hands. ;)

After hearing about Mallu hotness Sreesanth (thanks, DTK), I had to visit ye olde YouTube to find out about this right-arm fast-medium-pace bowler, who is a right-handed tailender. Apparently, excessively lippy South African Andre Nel questioned Sreesanth’s heart/courage/skillz after Sreesanth evaded something called a bouncer. Sreesanth responded by hitting Nel for a six and then performing a dance I’d normally associate with an end zone. Oh, that was just brutal to write. I can’t imagine how many men I’ve just annoyed. ;)

I may not know a damned thing about what is arguably the most popular sport in all of South Asia, but I know the art of trash talk well and if anything could get me to fall in love with this very Brown game, it’s the video I’ve posted above. Set to some probably-famous song I’ve never heard before (“Dhoom Machale”), it’s way more fun than the other YouTube clips which came up when I searched for the new object of my lecherous (he’s eight years younger) affection. Not since I was kicked off our co-ed IM team in grad school for illegal (and may I add, utterly justified and deliciously violent) tackling during a flag-football game have I been so delighted by the immaturity of declaring “in your face!”. Gopu, I heart you. :)

UPDATE: The Google Video seems clearer, so I swapped it.

208 thoughts on “Ninde Achan Aara, Nel?

  1. Nope. I’m from Patna; I speak Magdhi Hindi. But I only speak mainstream Hindi with non-Biharis (people tend to look down on you otherwise). If I feel really insecure about my Hindi, I use Urdu diction. I know, it’s sad :)

  2. Harsha Bhogle is an excellent commentator. He does not just know the game but is very insightful. Listen to his commentary if ever you get a chance.

    Well he sounds snobbish to me. Where is the Indian Madden ???

  3. So yeah… my point is, ABDs and 1.5 gens don’t just need help with their vocab, they also need help gauging the appropriateness of expressions.

    I beg to differ…I’m 1.5 gen (moved here when I was 16, sound American) and I can speak appropriately idiomatic Hyderabadi Hindi like a native (which I was). Your point is well taken, i.e. there are nuances of language that you just can’t learn from a book, but my cousins speak perfectly appropriate Telugu (much better than mine) and were born here…it just depends on who you speak to and how you learned the language, i.e., did you take Hindi classes in college or did your parents speak it to you growing up. There are people who live in India and don’t get the nuances of the local language because they speak predominantly English so I don’t think it’s just an ABD or 1.5 gen thing. It may or may not happen, as you said, but that’s true of 1st generation people too.

  4. Harsha Bhogle is an excellent commentator. He does not just know the game but is very insightful. Listen to his commentary if ever you get a chance.

    Siddhu was good, but now he will be doing time for the manslaughter charge that he just got convicted of.

  5. The “-eda” ending of the first word adds some emphasis, kind of like the implied “biyotch” in the English version of the question

    Vishy, that was a classic integration of ‘biyotch’ into linguistics…my favourite ghetto fabulous word casts its tangled net far and wide…:)

    Since it’s the 25th here already, Merry Christmas everyone on SM! :) Well to the addicts who still check it on days like this….xox Hope you were good this year and duly rewarded… ;)

  6. desishiksa, Maybe Sortova is a caste (boo!), not a dynasty ;-D

    I’d say that you, like many people, are many things. Sort of one, sort of another.

    Sounds good! Most people on SM sure are a bit like this :-) . Many ingredients – Add, change or delete some, depending on taste. Merry Christmas to you all.

  7. LOL you actually joined a Sreesanth fan club :) I thought that was a one-off post at SM. I’m just a lurker who drifted here from Sandeep’s scrapbook. Merry Christmas.

    From my Orkut Scrapbook. :) If it’s “one-off”, then my cricket tutors will be very irritated with me, I’m sure. ;)

  8. *That was absolutely spectacular shot from the Young man from Kerala. *He made the malayalees proud! Thanks for instructions of Allan Donald, which made sree to gain confidence in bowling.Thereby showing aggression in batting.