Reminder: DC Meetup THIS Saturday!

118028639_0cfa3f4a10_m.jpg Who told the clock to spin away time so quickly? One minute I’m grabbing Nina Paley‘s kundi in Central Park while grinning shamelessly for the Parsirazzi, the next thing I know, we’re less than three days from the SECOND chocolate city meetup, ever!

We haven’t solidified exactly when we will meet at Amma’s wegetarian or if we will do so pre- or post-debauchery, but that’s what this post’s comment section is for, so hop to it, my little brown bunnies. 😉 I can’t remember which of you I’ve spoken to about this, but so far most conversations include the words: drinking, Sequoia, afternoon, waterfront, summer, drinking and “great lighting”. We can all meet at 6pm, toast the mutiny, take pictures and then stroll up to Amma’s by 8pm, where we will eat like panthis and take even more pictures.

So, RSVP below if you are up to joining me, our favorite Barmaid, duologist Sriram and his sister (I think Saturday is her birthday!), Mayur, Kenyandesi and yes, potentially YO DAD in Georgetown for some vada, masala dosa and peppery rasam. Mmmm, South Indian food (that picture is of the actual receipt from the first DC meetup!): you, too, can have plenty but I need to know how many to reserve a table for, so holla. SOON. Last time, we had a mutinously good time– I think you’d regret it if you didn’t hang out with us on Saturday. No pressure, or anything. 😉

58 thoughts on “Reminder: DC Meetup THIS Saturday!

  1. Awesome meet up today…Amma’s was great as usual but some of the topics discussed were awesome!

    Kudos, Anna, for organizing it!! I had a great time and so did El Capitan…

  2. Ditto. Not as big as the last meetup, but I had way more fun (although Cinnamon Rani and Yo Dad were sorely missed). Who can complain over an evening of good drink, good food, and good conversation? And for any single brown brothers out there, I highly suggest getting in touch with Msichana so that she can turn you over to the sage wisdom of El Capitan.

  3. I can vouch for the good times…had a blast meeting everyone and look forward to more sepia (how is it pronounced again?) meetups.

  4. I’m sorry we couldn’t stay longer, but we had a blast…thanks ANNA for hosting yet another fantabulous meetup. And may the zipcar Gods be with you in the future 😛

  5. Some hope for what? Everyone who attended said they had a wonderful time; what exactly did you need them to say in order to indicate an appropriate amount of joy?