Bay Aryan Invasion

I’m currently California dreaming, so I didn’t have time to write an anniversary post for Sunday (I always forget anniversaries, so this is true to life).

However, that doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten you, dear readers. No, quite the contrary. Even though it has been two whole years we’ve been together, everything I see still reminds me of you. For example, on Saturday I was on my way to Adolph Gasser’s in San Francisco when I encountered my very first Patelco credit union.

How could I help but stop and take a snap? When I saw it I could think of nothing more than how much I wanted to share it with you, to know what you thought of it, to bask in the way you smile at me when we encounter something new.

The next day, I was out for a stroll in downtown Palo Alto and saw a BMW 325ci with the vanity plates you had always threatened to get for my Subaru. It was as if you were right there with me, laughing at our little secret joke, teasing me. I almost started to lean down to say something when I realized that you weren’t there. But rest assured that not a moment has passed when I didn’t think of you and how very lucky I am. I don’t deserve you all, I really don’t.

12 thoughts on “Bay Aryan Invasion

  1. Patelco comes from “Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company” and not really Patel-Co!

  2. No way! I was pointing out Patelco to my sister this morning!

    But dammit Randy…now you ruined it for me. My brown’ness was all aflutter about it.

  3. We’re very very lucky to have you too :) .

    Now I’m all inspired to get a cute Hinglish licence plate when I finally get a car…

    Mushy Finkie

  4. Oh, wait the SF meetup is this weekend? And I’m in California? hmm .. too bad my mother has planned out my entire weekend. You should drop by the Hemkunt festivities =)

  5. Oh, and I have dreamed of a – SONIYE – license plate since I was 16. One day when I have enough money for my own car on the side, I will embarass my future kids by getting it =)

  6. Normally, the prospect of driving 50 miles to meet up with random Indian people would sound as appealing to me as brushing my teeth with fish paste and swallowing the froth with a tall glass of cod liver oil. Unless the Sepia crew is involved: I’ll gladly ingest a fishy amalgam to hang out with you guys! (Word on the street is Kush Arora is making a guest appearance.)