Where can I get…

You’d be surprised at how often we get these kinds of questions come in over our “Contact Line.”


hey where did you buy the vikash dhorasoo jersey from? i’ve been looking for it everywhere


p>What do we look like…Google? Someone want to help this dude out? In the meantime I have another item that may interest Vikash Dhorasoo (a.k.a The Great Brown Hope) fans. The official Dhorasoo action figure from his regular team Paris Saint-Germain:

Now I know it may not look exactly like him. The skin color should be darker. But who really cares? A few years ago I actually looked into making bobble-head dolls and action figures of me. I thought, “what a great gift to give to friends.” Who couldn’t use a bobble-head Abhi to kick around? My action figure would have been extra-muscular though. And I’d finally have perfect hair. You have to buy in bulk though and I just don’t have that many friends.

5 thoughts on “Where can I get…

  1. I’m sure if you ever TAed again your students would buy them up….especially the bobble heads..

  2. slightly OT, but keeping with the action-figures… does anybody have an idea where I could get a Shah Rukh Khan action figure? ’80s or present day, it doesn’t matter.

    If I can’t find it, I’ll get the Gangsta Blogger Abhi figure instead.

  3. OMG, that would be such an awesomely ridiculous gift. Especially presented with a package of pins and some perfume or something, I dunno. “Love me or hate me baby, I’m all yours!”