Ever since Steven Colbert invented the word “Truthiness” I have been desperately searching for a word of my own to invent so that I too can become a pop culture reference and get a shot out on VH-1′s Best Week Ever. I would humbly like to submit to you all the word “Plogging” (which is the verb form of the word “Plog”). It means blogging your paintings or other works of art. We already have the word “Flog” for Foto-weblog, a place where one can display their photography. Instead of Paint-Blog (the origin of “Plog”) I thought of Art-Blog (Alog) but the second one reminded me of something dirty. In any case here are two examples of fine Plogs. The first one belongs to my friend Adnan Hussain. The guy is crazy prolific and seems to be putting up new stuff almost every day, whereas most bloggers struggle to write just one post every day. Hopefully he will forgive me for snagging two (1,2) of his works as examples (click on thumbnails for larger pictures):

Be sure to leave him comments if you like his stuff, it’s pretty addictive.

The second example of a Plog that I will share with you is the one that belongs to Gautam Rao.

I’m an artist living in Indianapolis, Indiana. In this blog, I’ll be posting new paintings regularly. My goal is to challenge myself, and to seek the extraordinary in everyday life.

All paintings are oil on masonite. [Link]

Here is an example of one of his works. My own interpretation of it is that many of us are beginning to see ourselves as viewed through the window of a computer. Nah, I’m just kidding…just trying to sound smart.

If you guys know of any other South Asian “plogs” then please leave them in the comments. Also, keep your fingers crossed that I get on to Best Week Ever.

18 thoughts on “Plogging

  1. About three years ago, I invented the word “plog” which I defined to mean “plug of a blog.” Not long after, stole the word and applied it to a different concept.

    Sorry Abhi. Bubble burst.

  2. Plog, alas, is taken.

    Always the bridesmaid never the bride. Sigh.

    Speaking of flogs, where’s your girl Mona at?

    Good question, especially since we took some very flog-worthy pics in Augusta a couple of weeks ago :)

  3. Colbert didn’t invent the word “Truthiness,”(you can find it in OED etc) so much as ‘re-inventing’ it, so to speak ) although he is certainly responsible for re-popularizing the word in its current-day usage.

    So, Abhi, its okay to be the bridesmaid as long as you’re really the one to popularize a word, preferably with a different slant.

  4. What about Girish? Many of his posts have scans of his drawings.

    A good example might be this one. And if you look back through his archives you’ll see many more.

    He’s also a brilliant reviewer of art house flicks.

  5. Colbert didn’t invent the word “Truthiness,”(you can find it in OED etc) so much as ‘re-inventing’ it, so to speak ) although he is certainly responsible for re-popularizing the word in its current-day usage.

    Yeah, but Oprah said he invented it. And Oprah could destroy you.

  6. Amardeep – thanks for the pointer to Girish’s blog. Whimsical art, and a deep love for film that infuses every word on the page. Another favored rest stop on the information superhighway.


  7. well, the word Plog is already used by Amazon. It stands for Peoples Log . so unfortunately Plog cant be used here :)

  8. best week ever eh you want to be roasted by those out-of-work comedians and ex reality tv stars?

  9. Thanks for the unexpected, but much appreciated plug Abhi! I check out this site often, just to see what my funny people have been up to and sure enough I saw some familiar images. Thanks again!

  10. being a self professed pop culture/useless hollywood info junkie, BWE is tivo’d religiously for my viewing pleasure.. it is concise, comical, and one of the funniest things out there in TV land (who had the audacity to cancel arrested development.. HUH?!?!).. the comedians/commentators say things you know everyone is thinking but too afraid to say… also their countdowns on the best 100 toys, and i love the 90′s, 80′s and such are brilliant..

    kudos abhi for having those most high expectations… :) … sorry about clogging the plog dreams…amazon is a giant.. sigh.

    we should do an SM best of… come on.. who’s in? :)

  11. dear mutiny kings and queens ,

    the word ‘truthiness’ was NOT INVENTED by Colbert. He merely used it as theme in one of his report . If you do not believe check the Oxford English Dictionary at home on its home .

    As the great irony I am witnessing. Truthiness is Colbert invented the word(what people think it is ). Truth (with facts backing) is it is atleast 2 century old word .

    True ‘ Irony in life is more comical than that possible in fiction ‘.

    ajeet (The Antithesisist )