Guest blogger: Tanzila Ahmed

I met our next guest blogger, Tanzila Ahmed (founder of South Asian American Voting Youth), under admittedly unfortunate circumstances. Through various back-channels and intelligence assets, I received word that Taz was trying to dig up dirt on…ME (presumably to infiltrate the Mutiny and bring us down). Apparently, some forces out there deemed me to be the weakest link at SM and the one most easily seduced/distracted by the feminine ways (Ha! Feel free to try). Little did Taz know that we had a counter-intelligence operation underway and that she had been under surveillance (e.g. warrantless blog taps) the whole time. We go to great lengths to assure our North Dakota-based hegemony. We’ve been holding Taz in our basement for the past eight months, flashing a series of mutinous images in front of her (our rotating banners). Before you can learn you must first un-learn. We had to be sure that she no longer feared anything. In just the past month a Stockholm-like syndrome set in and she began to come around. She is ready now, and the Mutiny is ready for her…

19 thoughts on “Guest blogger: Tanzila Ahmed

  1. Abhi, you really do write the creepiest introductions ;)

    but no one will ever believe you’re the weakest link.

    Welcome Taz!!

  2. she has a lip ring or whatever it’s called.

    It’s called a “labret”

    Thanks you guys…and thank YOU David…and thank you Abhi, for that, ahem, lovely intro.

  3. Abhi – why is it that all the women who blog for SM are hot? Co-incidence? I think not my friend…

    I think you have it wrong my friend. Women bloggers are hot…period. I feel it is my job as a blogger to simply accentuate their natural positives. Think of my intros as the blogging equivalent of photography. Some day soon they will have a show called America’s Next Top Blogher. I secretly harbor the hope that they’ll want me as a judge…a very friendly judge ;)

  4. i knew what it was called. just didn’t know the term. was just too lazy to google it. lazy. pakistanis.

    yea. we’re all lazy. :)

    :) looking forward to reading your stuff.

  5. Awesome – a female guest blogger – add this to anna’s voice, it only makes SM more endearing. Welcome.

  6. Abhi:

    Women bloggers are hot…period.

    Damn our intervention last Saturday at Ammas/Modern really worked, eh? Congrats to Anna, Kenyadesi, Mschiana, Cinnamon Rani, and the other female bloghers who participated….our attempt was not in vain ;) ….